Even Apple’s Packaging is Easier to Use.

It’s a fair bet that most people who read the OWC Blog have—at one time or another—opened a brand new device from Apple. If you have, you know the amount of detail that goes into the packaging of everything Apple offers—from a simple set of earbuds to the most tricked-out MacBook Pro with Retina Display. If you haven’t, you can always live vicariously through one of our unboxing photo posts whenever new hardware comes out.

Unfortunately, not all electronics users are so lucky. As this video montage—brought to our attention by OWC Larry himself—shows, the Nexus 7 tablet seems to be a bit of an… adventure… to open. While we all here love our iPads and can’t really comment either way on the Nexus 7, it seems like it would be a lot easier to form an opinion if you could actually get it out of the box!

Video via YouTube

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