Random Mac Pro Memory Slot Utility Popup Returns in 10.8

A little over a month ago, OWC Andy told us about a phenomenon occurring with some Mac Pros, wherein the Memory Slot Utility window would appear at startup, even if a user hadn’t upgraded their memory recently. In the same article, he also described how to temporarily resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, “temporary” is the key term here; every time a software update was released, you’d have to re-do the process until Apple resolved the problem. It was hoped that this would be resolved with the release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

As it turns out, the problem still exists with Mountain Lion. Once you install the new OS, the Memory Slot Utility once again makes unneeded appearances. Luckily, the resolution remains the same as outlined in OWC Andy’s original article.

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  • Unfortunately it doesn’t worked for me… I do not know how to log in with user root… I made all steps and when I restart my computer it automatically log ins with my administrator account… no chance to login with my “newly created Root user just one time”… any ideas??? THANKS!!!