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OWC Announces 16GB Memory Upgrades for Apple Mac mini, MacBook Pro, and iMac Models Now Under $100

Other World Computing announced today its 16GB memory upgrade kits for Apple Mac mini, MacBook Pro, and iMac models are now available for under $100…a cost savings of over 66 percent compared to comparable sized factory options. Fully certified for Apple Macintosh computers, these memory upgrade kits come backed by a lifetime replacement warranty, free installation videos, and free shipping for an even greater value.

More Memory and 15 Minutes = Faster Mac

Adding more memory is the most cost-effective, benchmark-proven performance upgrade offered. Easily installable in most Macs in 15 minutes or less, having more RAM enables optimum performance of typical daily computer uses, as well as dramatically improving the responsiveness of memory intensive applications. Users wanting to run Windows and Mac applications simultaneously via Parallels will gain especially exceptional results.

OWC Certified 16GB Memory Upgrade Kits:

Upgrades for all Mac mini models from $15.99

  • 16GB Kit (8GB x 2) from $99.00 for maximum memory

Upgrades for all MacBook & MacBook Pro (non-Retina) models from $29.99

  • 16GB Kit (8GB x 2) from $99.00 for maximum memory

Upgrades for all iMac models from $11.99

  • 16GB Kit (4GB x 4) for 2009 models for $97.99 for maximum memory
  • 16GB Kit (8GB x 2) for 2010(i5/i7) & 2011 models for $99.00 (can add to existing)
  • 32GB Kit (8GB x 4) for 2010(i5/i7) & 2011 models for $197.99 (double the factory offered maximum)
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  • Will the 256gb Extreme SSD for Macbook air 2011 be in the list of discounted items this Black Friday? I hope it is cause I’d like to get one. It would be nice to get a little discount knowing that it’s the best ssd in the market.


    –A loyal customer

  • How is it possible that the Apple 4 to 16 GB upgrade costs 300 USD, yet a full 16 GB from OWC is just 99 USD? Different manufacturer/quality? There is more than three times difference in price!

    • If we are not equal to the factory installed parts, the OWC parts are better. Built in the USA with all top tier major components, tested, and certified for your Mac + with a lifetime advance replacement warranty vs. only the 1yr you get from Apple without buying an extended. We don’t cut any corners, we just offer a top quality product at a very competitive cost.

  • it’s sad to see MAC PRO missing from the list still currently 25% dearer….how about sharing the savings….it’s bad enough Apple neglecting the MAC PRO line.. :)