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Two new iPod/iPhone sync cables from NewerTech!


Have you heard about that nifty little gadget by Apple? Apparently it’s some sort of cell phone combined with a music player that you sync using iTunes, and is apparently quite popular…

I am, of course, referring to the near-ubiquitous iPhone. To avoid hearing about it or its music-only iPod brethren, you’d have to avoid television, radio, magazines, Web sites, and pretty much not go out in public at all. In other words, its everywhere.

With something that popular, there are going to be a lot of people using it in a lot of different ways. This opens the door for all kinds of different accessories.

Newer Technology, no stranger to the iPod arena, has released a couple of new sync cables. The first, the NewerTech 3 in 1 Audio/Sync/Charging Cable for iPod and iPhone is a standard sync cable, with something a little extra – a mini stereo jack that outputs a line-level signal. Now you can go from charging and playing music at your desk, to playing your music in your Auxiliary input equipped car stereo without changing cords.

If you don’t have a car stereo with an Auxiliary input, but would still like to charge your phone in the car, NewerTech has also released an auto charger. It does what it says: plug one end into your iPod/iPhone, the other into your car’s 12V accessory outlet  and your iPod/iPhone will charge as you drive.

NTautoPsst… a secret tip.

While each of the two cables is useful in its own right, they really shine when you’ve got both pieces. The auto adapter features a USB connection – the sync cable is a standard USB/dock connector cable.

You can plug the “3 in 1” cable into the auto/USB adapter component of the auto adapter and use it to charge AND play through. You can then use the cable from the auto adapter as a second sync cable, useful for work, travel, or replacement. This allows you to sync, charge and play music from your iPod/Phone via iTunes when at your desk, then unplug from your desktop and continue to listen and charge in the car.

And if you want to charge your iPod/iPhone via a wall adapter at home or while traveling, just use the new Auto Charger with NewerTech’s 120-12V Power Adapter.

This is definitely a case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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