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OWC Joins “Intramural”

Some would say that since its very inception in 1988, Other World Computing has been a star. And in a way, it’s true—we’ve always striven to provide “out of this world” products, services, and customer experiences. But in this case, we’re looking at achieving a different kind of stardom. Yes, we’re talking about celebrity. The “A” List, if you will. The elite, the red-carpet-walking, Botox-injecting, crash-diet following, only-green M&M-eating set that star in your favorite films. And now OWC is set to join the ranks of these stars and is about to embark upon its big break.

OWC is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring an upcoming independent film called “Intramural” by providing our Mercury Elite Pro drives to store the massive amounts of data needed to create a film. Everyone knows a good film needs a strong lead—okay, in this case that lead will be Jake Lacy (of The Office fame)—but they also need strong data support. And that is where OWC comes in to save the day.

Director/editor of Doritos “Make Your Own” and “Do Anything Stoned” series, Dave Ward, along with pro DIT, Kyle Osburn, note that “OWC drives are reliable workhorses that can withstand the long hours and rigors of film production. They have every input you would ever need and customer support you can actually reach when needed. OWC is one of the industry standards for data storage solutions.

Several OWC drives being used for the video editing process.
Several OWC drives being used for the video editing process.

But that’s not all the exciting news! According to the Intramural blog, our OWC drives looked so good they couldn’t resist putting them in the film. Of course, we graciously accepted the role. We only had one requirement—make sure to catch us from our good side (just kidding, everybody knows OWC products don’t have a bad side). But in all seriousness, we are very excited to be in the film (just make sure to tell the makeup artists to use extra powder…the bright filming lights make our silver look extra shiny).

Alright Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up
Alright Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up

Intramural is currently being filmed in Austin, and comically tells the story of a group of fifth year seniors who form an intramural football team before they are forced to deal with the pressures of real life. In a way, OWC has been method acting and preparing for this role for years. Our OWC group has our own softball team, and have in the past done intramural volleyball, basketball, and even participate in fantasy NASCAR racing. We’re very supportive of each other at OWC—but let’s just say during the heat of intramural competition things might be said that you wouldn’t necessarily want to repeat in front of your grandmother.

In addition to Jake Lacy, the film will star Nikki Reed of Twilight fame (cue teenage girl screams), Kate McKinnon and Jay Pharaoh of SNL, and Beck Bennett (of the ‘It’s not complicated’ AT&T commercials). All of this comedy in one place? We recommend you don’t drink anything during this movie unless you enjoy it coming out of your nose from laughter.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves but I think it’s safe to say we’ll see you at the Oscars. Until then, we’ll be in our trailer.

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