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Tell Us Your Thoughts And Win

How many times a day do you wish you could tell people exactly what you think? I mean exactly what you think. That guy who cut you off in traffic just to beat you to the next stop light. The girl at Starbucks who heard you order nonfat milk yet decided to make it with milk straight from the udder. The coworker who clips his nails at his desk. The guy popping his gum seemingly in your ear from the seat behind you on the train. The point is, saying exactly what you think is sometimes discouraged, and holding our tongues about it often saves us from being punched in the face.  But what if someone wanted to know exactly what you thought? And they wanted to know what you thought so bad that they were willing to enter you in a drawing to win a free iPad mini if you told them?  What if I told you that OWC wants to do just that?! If that excites you, read on.

OWC wants to know what you think in order to gage interest in a new, exciting, and innovative event. We are considering hosting an annual conference where Macintosh product users can network and interact with other Macintosh users, attend educational sessions on a number of different topics, and visit an exhibition all featuring the newest and coolest products in the industry today! We want to know your thoughts! So please, give us your feedback.

And in order to thank you for your feedback, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE iPad Mini. (Open to US residents only.) See, we take care of you. So think good thoughts about us, would ya?

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  • Congratulations to Casey N. who won the iPad mini and a big thank you to everyone who gave us your input.

  • It’s not a good sign when a survey starts off limiting responses to what someone in business wants to hear. Not really wanting to know the real feedback from the customer

    1) None of the above
    – there’s no space to let customers tell the location they would really prefer
    2) None of the above
    – there’s no space to let customers tell the month they would really prefer
    3) Other
    – there’s no space to let customers communicate the product solutions they are looking for and assuming they think in the same category groupings

    Personally, I don’t think that OWC should waste your staff’s time and the company’s money on a conference.

    You guys do a great job of presenting your solutions on your web site and in write ups on the blog. A conference isn’t needed.

    If you are looking for face time with your customers, a better idea might be to drop in at your 3rd party stores for a Saturday/Sunday. Much easier for OWC customers in the area to come meet you. For example, in Santa Clara, CA there is the Mac-Pro retailer that carries OWC products and I’m sure they would love for you to come there and raise awareness of their store to OWC customers in the area.

    • Some of the questions do need to be limited in the responses. For example, if we’re going to host a conference, it’ll be in our backyard – thus the three choices are of our three current locations. And we realistically couldn’t pull something like this off before July and by November/December we’re into the holiday season.

      We’ve been listening to how people miss the heyday of Macworld Expo before it turned into mainly an iDevice festival and we do like fulfilling the desires of Mac users worldwide. We’re just really trying to nail down how much of that demand is out there still.

      • But my point is, limiting the form also limits you from knowing the true feedback.

        Using your Starbucks analogy, the customer wants to ask for soy milk and your form only lists whole milk, skim milk and cream. ;-)