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#25YearsofOWC Quiz Week 2 Recap

QuizWeek2As October rolls along, we here at OWC have continued to celebrate our 25th anniversary in style with the #25YearsofOWC Quiz on our official Facebook page.

Week 2 of our celebration saw yet another terrific response. More trivia questions from 1988 were put out to stump our fans, and more correct answers poured in, proving them to be quite the knowledgeable group!

Here are the questions from Week 2 of our #25YearsofOWC Quiz:

5. Who was the Super Bowl MVP in 1988?

a. Jerry Rice

b. Joe Montana

c. Doug Williams

d. Phil Simms

Answer: 25 years ago, Doug Williams became the first African American quarterback to play in a Super Bowl. With the Washington Redskins, he beat the Denver Broncos and still remains the only African American quarterback to have won a Super Bowl.

6. What popular medical procedure was pioneered in 1988?

a. Replantation – reattaching a finger, hand, or arm

b. Laser eye surgery

c. Botox

d. Rhinoplasty

Answer: 25 years ago, laser eye surgery was pioneered and in 1989 the first human laser eye surgery was performed. 

7. What was first launched into space in 1988?

a. Iberian ribbed newts

b. Hubble Telescope

c. Discovery Space Shuttle

d. Killer Klowns

Answer: While the Killer Klowns did come from outer space in 1988, the Discovery Space Shuttle was first launched into space in 1988. Tensions were high as it was the first manned space mission since the Challenger disaster two and a half years earlier.

8. What was the most popular TV show in the U.S. in 1988?

a. The Wonder Years

b. The Golden Girls

c. Cheers

d. The Cosby Show

Answer: The Cosby Show was the most popular TV show and had an average audience of 24.6 million American homes.

9. Which of these famous slogans was coined in 1988?

a. Gillette – “The best a man can get”

b. Nike – “Just do it”

c. Wendy’s – “Where’s The Beef?”

d. Apple – “Think different”

Answer: The Nike “Just Do It” slogan was coined in 1988 and has been selected as one of the top two taglines of the 20th century. Wendy’s ‘Where’s the Beef?’ campaign was introduced in 1984, Gillette’s ‘Best a Man Can Get’ came around in 1989, and the historical Apple ‘Think Different’ campaign didn’t make it’s debut until 1997. 

10. What was the first product that OWC sold?

a. Memory chip

b. Hard drive

c. Printer ink

d. Mouse pad

Answer: In 1988, At age 14, Larry O’Connor began LRO Enterprises, a printer ribbon re-inking business, in his family’s barn. A year later, LRO Enterprises reorganized itself into LRO Computer Sales and begins selling computer memory chips via America Online. The company also moved into its first facility in Woodstock, Ill., acquiring 1,200-square feet and hiring its first employees

And this week’s lucky winners are … Cristian C., Carrie S., Zeb D., Karl Y., and Jill B.!

If you haven’t entered, there’s still time to get in on the action and get your hands on a great prize from OWC! Test your trivia skills in our #25YearsofOWC Quiz for a chance to join this group of lucky winners. If you’ve already entered, keep sharing to increase your chances to win!

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  • “In 1988, At age 14, Larry O’Connor began…”

    Thanks for reminding me that I’m OLD!!!