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#25YearsofOWC Quiz Week 3 Recap

QuizWe’ve now eclipsed the halfway mark of our #25YearsofOWC Quiz at our official Facebook page in celebration of OWC’s 25th anniversary! Don’t worry though, we still have lots of questions and great prizes on the way.

So far, our fans have flexed their pop culture, sports and tech knowledge from 1988, and a lucky few have earned great prizes from OWC. But we’re ready to keep the fun going and make even more of our fans winners!

Here are the questions from Week 3 of our #25YearsofOWC Quiz:

11. What celebrity appeared in a 1988 Bubble Yum commercial?

a. Ryan Phillippe

b. Leonardo DiCaprio

c. Drew Barrymore

d. Angelina Jolie

Answer: 25 years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio appeared as a happy Bubble Yum chewing child and he hasn’t aged a day.

12. In 1988 what was the maximum number of SCSI drives that could be connected externally to the built in SCSI port on Mac?

a. 3

b. 5

c. 7

d. 8

Answer: From Larry, “Trick question for those that may remember… SCSI-1 (which is what was built-in always) drives had 8 selectable IDs 0 to 7, but #7 was reserved for the bus leaving, 7 total max.”

13. Would the average round-trip flight in 1988 have cost you more or less?

Answer: The average round-trip flight in 1988 cost only $254.14, while the average at the end of 2012 hovered around $355.75.

14.  _______ was completed in 1988.

a. The first transatlantic cable to use optical fibers

b. The US Bank Tower – 11th tallest building in the US

c. Sun Life Stadium (formerly Dolphin Stadium)

d. Disney’s Splash Mountain

Answer: The first transatlantic cable to use optical fibers was completed in 1988 and was a revolution in telecommunications. Disney’s Splash Mountain came a year later, but was equally revolutionary in our minds.

15. Would you have paid more for a Mustang in 1988 than you would for a Civic today?

Answer: 25 years ago the Ford Mustang GT Convertible would have set you back $16,984. The MSRP on a 2013 Honda Civic starts at $17,965

16.  Which could hold more information, 3,000 floppy disks from 1988 or a $10 USB Flash Drive today?

Answer: The first 3.5” disks could only hold 720K, but were quickly pushed up to 1.44Mbs. 3,000 of these could hold 4,320 Mbs, which is a little over 4GB. Today, $10 will get you a 4GB USB Flash Drive that is roughly the size of a dime:

And this week’s lucky winners are … Mohd S., Bob B., Jonathan K., and Jon H.!

If you haven’t entered, there’s still time to get in on the action and get your hands on a great prize from OWC! Test your trivia skills in our #25YearsofOWC Quiz for a chance to join this group of lucky winners. If you’ve already entered, keep sharing to increase your chances to win!

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