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#25YearsofOWC Quiz Week 4 Recap

QuizWk4As October’s end nears, so does the end of our #25YearsofOWC Quiz at our official Facebook page in celebration of OWC’s 25th anniversary. We’ve had a great response from our Facebook fans all month long, but we’re not done just yet. We still have quiz questions to be answered and great prizes left!

Here are the questions from Week 4 of our #25YearsofOWC Quiz:

17. What cost more – a Radio Shack cellular phone in 1988 or an iPhone 5S today?

Answer: 25 years ago you would have spent $1,599 (equivalent of $3,158 in 2013) on a Radio Shack CT-300 Cellular phone. At the time it was a breakthrough in price and technology. Today, the world is at your fingertips with the iPhone 5s for as little as $649 with no contract. 

18. Would you have spent more on an entire trip to the movies (ticket, medium popcorn, medium drink & candy) in 1988 or on a movie ticket alone today?

Answer: A trip to the movies in 1988 would have cost you $10.36 ($4.11 for the ticket, $2.50 for a medium popcorn, $1.75 for a medium drink and $2 for candy). A single movie ticket costs $10.50 on Fandango today.

19. What cost more – a 250MB Hard Drive in 1988 or a 16TB Hard Drive today?

Answer: 25 years ago, a 250MB Hard Drive was almost unheard of. It also set you back about $4,000. Today you can get a 16TB Hard Drive (16.7 million MB) for around $1000

20. What was the top selling toy for Christmas 1988?

a. Little Miss Makeup

b. Ghostbusters Proton Pack

c. Nintendo Entertainment System

d. Pogo Ball

Answer: With Ghostbusters still fresh in their mind and Ghostbusters II releasing in 1989, kids everywhere spent Christmas day busting ghosts with the Kenner Ghostbusters Proton Pack. Who you gonna call? 

21. Who won the most medals in the 1988 Olympics

a. Russia

b. Germany

c. United States

Answer: Technically, the Soviet Union won the most Olympic medals in 1988, which saw both a summer and a winter Olympics. Germany was still divided between East and West and the Soviet Union didn’t become Russia until 1991.

And the latest group of lucky winners is … Jeremy P., Colin O., Brett B., Jorge P., Jon S., Jim M., Maryellen D.!

While the end is near, there’s still time to get in on the action and get your hands on a great prize from OWC! Test your trivia skills in our #25YearsofOWC Quiz for a chance to join this group of lucky winners. If you’ve already entered, keep sharing to increase your chances to win!

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