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Great Last Minute NewerTech Stocking Stuffers

GlobemanShoppingOK, Christmas is in less than a week, and you still have stockings to stuff. Not to worry. Not only does NewerTech have tons of options that can solve your problem, we also offer free shipping on most any order of $49 and up.

There are three main characteristics that make a perfect stocking stuffer. First of all, size is a factor because it obviously needs to fit in a stocking. Price is a consideration, because most of us have many stockings to stuff … Christmas is meant to spread cheer, not flirtations with bankruptcy. And finally, you want something that will actually be used. It’s easy to run through a discount retailer and grab hundreds of the knick-knacks they have marked down for the holidays. But lets be honest, most of those end up gathering dust, thrown away or re-gifted.

NewerTech has many products that meet all three of these requirements, but the following four would be especially great components of the perfect Christmas stocking.

NewerTech 14-Piece Portable Toolkit

This is a great stocking stuffer for the technician on the go or anybody else who likes to tinker with computers. The toolkit includes all the tools necessary to open most laptop computers and many other small electronic devices. It comes with screwdrivers with hardened magnetic blades, a pair of non-marring, destructible nylon pry tools (spudgers), and a black nylon probe for opening iDevices and other delicate but difficult-to-open items.

The woven-nylon case keeps the tools organized in a small package that fits snugly in a stocking. And the best part is, who ever gets it can use his or her new tools to install any other OWC or NewerTech gifts they may get.

NewerTech Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet

Anybody who finds this in their stocking will have a convenient and energy-efficient in-wall solution for powering and charging USB devices. The NewerTech Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet allows you to power up to four devices at once and converts your standard three-prong outlet into a USB hub. The Power2U makes your walls “today ready” and cuts down on the clutter of multiple cables.

You can even buy the Power2U in bulk quantities packages of 2, 10, 20, or 100, so you can easily throw one in every stocking you stuff this season. The Power2U will be used on a daily basis long after Santa drops it off.

NewerTech NuScribe 2-in-1 Touch Screen Stylus & Pen

The NuScribe is both a traditional and cutting edge stocking stuffer. Available in silver and pink, the NuScribe is a high-quality ballpoint pen and a perfect-for-touch-screens stylus. The soft rubber nib delivers smooth touch screen surface glide and the twist barrel pen glides just as smoothly.

The NuScribe is the definition of an affordable stocking stuffer that can actually be put to good use.

NewerTech NuGuard KX Kinetic Energy X-Orbing Protective Case for iPhone

If you love someone and they are walking around with an unprotected iPhone, you owe it to them to stuff their stocking with a NuGuard KX kinetic energy x-orbing protective case. The NuGuard KX uses state-of-the-art X-orbing gel technology to absorb and evenly distribute kinetic energy. In other words, if you get a case of the “dropsies,” your iPhone won’t be damaged. The gel forms a stylish, one-piece case, engineered to provide your iPhone with maximum protection.

Hundreds of Great Deals

But these are just some ideas for stocking stuffers. Check out our Holiday Savers for a ton of great deals from OWC that are sure to bring joy!

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