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An Interesting “Top Sites To Visit” List

globe-listOften these lists are pretty boring or cover a very narrow niche of sites. So, when I came across this “50 Kick @$$ Websites You Need To Know About” created by MaximumPC, I was pretty dubious I would find anything too captivating.


Being frugal and a deal hunter, the entry about caught be by surprise. The lead in “Craiglist Gets Unstuck from 1995” and a visual of what the results look like will now have me using that portal for all my buying and selling needs. For me, Craigslist is a blast…I’ve bought and sold such a variety of items that it truly is a one stop marketplace. So anything that improves that experience is a Top Site in my book.

As I only had a brief moment to check out the entire list, the other selection that caught my eye was What The Font. Now while the MaximumPC lead in was “Because Not Everyone Uses Helvetica”, any site that has something to do with fonts always catches my eye. The reason for that is because I have deemed OWC Chris here a “fontaholic” for his hobby/interest/whatever in collecting fonts. To me, that’s a pretty cerebral pursuit and really an appreciation of visual nuances that many of us just overlook on the superhighway of daily tasks.

So if those two sites are new to you or you’re interested in what you might find equally captivating, check out the list. And if all of this hasn’t been too thrilling then I suppose this might suffice for some real geek interest.

Rocket Yard Contributor
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  • Well, Grant, you called me out on this, so now I have to respond. :-)

    I’ve long been familiar with “WhatTheFont” as a last-ditch attempt at finding a particular typeface – especially a “decorative” one. For more “standard” fonts, I have found that the whole “scan a sample and upload” process to be a bit cumbersome – especially when I don’t have a scanner handy.

    As an alternative when searching for body text, I would suggest IdentiFont ( Just put in the letters you have, and answer a few questions, and you usually get something close, if not exact.