Weekend Read: Machines and Water Can Mix

OWCEarlier this week, OWC Brian K. showed us how to properly care for our Apple laptop batteries. But believe it or not, years before we could run our sophisticated laptops solely on battery power, computers were able to function powered by… water?

Wired took readers on a trip back in time with a video that demonstrates a machine called the MONIAC, originally built in 1949. MONIAC uses hydraulics to analyze – naturally – economic data. Its “various tanks and flows represent different parts of an economy, such as banks, consumer spending, personal savings, taxes, foreign holdings, and more”, according to Wired.

Check out the story over at Wired for more details and a look at the MONIAC in action.

Source: www.wired.com/2014/11/tech-time-warp-week-70-year-old-computer-runs-water/

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