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OWC’s Refurbished Macs Are the Perfect Pre-Owned Option for Anyone!

macbook_pro_2012_2013We all love the idea of being the very first person to use their Mac. But we also love the idea of saving money. We feel perfectly comfortable purchasing a “pre-owned” vehicle, but when it comes to Macs we sometimes are a little more skeptical.

When buying a Refurbished Mac from OWC, you can put that skepticism to rest. That’s because every Refurbished Mac is put through rigorous testing and inspection by OWC expert Apple Certified technicians with OS X installed for instant usage right out of the OWC box! Just like with a used car, with a previously owned Mac you can end up saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars by simply purchasing one that has a few miles already on it.

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You’ll know what you are purchasing thanks to the detailed photos and descriptions on every product listing to show each Mac’s condition so there won’t be unexpected surprises when you receive your order. We take the grading of Refurbished Macs very seriously at OWC and provide a range of grades from Excellent Condition to Fair Condition to further describe the external appearance of the machine. The categories are as follows:

  • Excellent Condition: May have minor scuffs from light wear or small scratches, but are generally in next-to-new condition.
  • Very Good Condition: May have minor scuffs, tiny pocks, and/or light scratches from light use, but are in generally great condition.
  • Good Condition: May have cosmetic scuffs, pocks, minor dents, the screens (in laptops) may show key marks (normal wear and largely unnoticeable when system is in use), and/or scratches from heavier use than the Very Good and Excellent condition grades, but are generally in good condition.
  • Fair Condition: While the housings may have scratches and/or dents, the screens (in laptops) may show key marks (normal wear and largely unnoticeable when system is in use), and the power supply may have reinforced cable patching these machines are fully tested and 100% operational.

Are you or your child a little accident prone? Is a brand new Mac simply not in the budget? Then a pre-owned Mac is the perfect stress-free solution. You’ll never have to worry about creating inevitable small external imperfections on your pristine purchase. Meanwhile, you’ll be enjoying all of the phenomenal power and reliability you’ve come to expect from every Apple product.

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All OWC Refurbished Macs are backed by OWC’s 24/7, U.S.-based, expert support team and are ready to go right out of the box. For upgrade options for your Refurbished Mac, contact our customer support team for pricing and availability. Free shipping is available for orders placed within the contiguous 48 States.

Take advantage of the incredible savings on used Macs today! Or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on new pre-owned Mac inventory as it arrives. OWC used Macs go quickly, so be sure to check often!

Check out our Refurbished Macs page to see our wide selection of models!

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  • I just stumbled upon your article titled “OWC’s Used Macs are the Perfect Pre-Owned Option for Anyone” and I found your insights to be incredibly valuable and timely. I want to commend you for shedding light on the advantages of choosing OWC’s Used Macbooks for Sale. It’s refreshing to know that these devices undergo a thorough testing and certification process, ensuring their quality and reliability. I appreciate the emphasis you placed on the affordability factor. Your article has opened my eyes to the possibility of owning a top-notch Mac without breaking the bank. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise on this topic. Your article has certainly made me more confident in considering OWC’s used Macs as my next purchase. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to reading more of your insightful content in the future!

  • Just picked up a 2009 Mac Pro and could not be happier. There are a few other places that specialize in used macs, but none that I trust as much as I trust OWC. Thanks!