Awesomely Functional ‘Tron’ Lightcycle to Be Auctioned


At OWC, we definitely encourage treating yourself to awesome gadgets and gear. But as CNET writes, you’ll soon have the chance to take treating yourself to a whole new level.

A fully functioning replica of the lightcycle from the movie Tron: Legacy will be up for auction in May for one lucky fan/collector to take home at an expected price of $25,000-$40,000.

According to the auction page, “the bike has only been ridden around their facilities to ensure that it remains in functioning condition,” and is “powered by a direct-drive electric motor that has lithium batteries, which is mated to a computer-controlled digital electronic transmission.”

But while the bike is listed as fully functional, we’re guessing it as yet to be tested on a computer grid. However, if you can somehow work the logistics of that out (and please let us know if you do), has pointed out that you can turn any real world location into a Tron style animated map!

Here are looks at the OWC Woodstock and OWC Austin grids we pulled up (note: you’ll need a WebGL-enabled browser to view). But we haven’t quite went as far as starting to plan our lightcycle route…yet.

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