Throwback Thursday: A Look at Apple’s iWatch

Before Tim Cook & Co. made the Apple Watch official last September alongside the iPhone 6, many speculators had prematurely and ultimately incorrectly dubbed it the “iWatch”. But what many of them didn’t know is that Apple had already released its iWatch… in 1999.

OWC Mike H. uncovered a multicolored gem in a November/December 1999 issue of Mac Today Magazine that we couldn’t resist sharing now that the Apple Watch is merely weeks away from release. The vertical advertisement in the magazine shows the iWatch line in hues that would look very familiar to iMac users of the time.


Apple’s $55 iWatch featured an aluminum case, Quartz movement and was water resistant to 3atm. Technologies such as the Taptic Engine and Digital Crown were still just a few years off…

It’s also interesting that they use “Time travelers” tag in the bottom half of the ad. Maybe they knew that this was merely a tease of what Apple would have in store in 2015? Probably not, but it serves as an interesting look at the past nonetheless.

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  • Watch at bottom half of that add was also available and also had leather and xpansion bracelet available, price was 65$ now ask me how i know well i own one with leather strap even today. Cheers

  • I’m remembering the watch that connected to the MacPlus for updating. It told the time, and carried contact and calendar plus info on hypercards.