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November 30th – A Very Important Day for the World.

historyToday is a very important day.

The first Monday after Thanksgiving is commonly known as “Cyber Monday” and is the day that many online stores do a lot of their Holiday sales.

So, one may think we’d be touting all our holiday specials on the blog today. After all, it’s what you’d expect.

Sure, I could talk about the OWC Express enclosure blowout, but I did that last week and I hate to repeat myself.

I could talk about the highly-praised NewerTech Voyager Docking Solution and the bundles we offer with it, but that would barely be worthy to mention today. The same thing goes for the great specials we’ve got on OWC Mercury On-The-Go enclosures.

Normally, knocking nearly 2/3 off of the Lenspen VidiMax Ultra: Deluxe LCD / Plasma Screen Cleaning Kit would be worthy of talking about, but not today.

Even the free shipping we’re offering on orders over $150 can’t compare to the amazing significance today will hold in history.

No, my friends, today is a day of significance, hope, and glory, for today is the 40th Anniversary of the first appearance of “Mahna Mahna” by the Muppets on the Ed Sullivan Show. While there was a considerably more primitive version that appeared on Sesame Street earlier in the year, this was the rendition that really brought it into the spotlight, and was the version that most directly evolved into the most popular version from The Muppet Show in 1975.

This is such an important landmark in our history as a species, I couldn’t possibly bear to sully this important day with overt mentions of great deals.

I’ll leave that up to OWC Grant and hourly Tweets…just follow us on Twitter

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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