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Wedding Photography Team Captures Story-Telling Moments With Help of OWC

First and foremost, Bob and Dawn Davis rely on each other.

As a photographer and creative director team, the married couple has counted on one another to help capture emotional, story-telling moments for the more than 10 years that they’ve been in business as wedding and portrait photography professionals.

But there is another partner that Bob & Dawn Davis Photography and Design also relies on: their technology. For the fast-paced nature of wedding photography and the grind of post-production, the duo needs equipment that simply works.

“Many of the things that I do are on location so I’ll ingest, and I’ll begin, sort and edit, and start posting images from my machine,” Bob Davis said. “So the SSDs were a great solution for speed because time is money and time is also helping you meet deadlines… [SSDs] allow me to do that with speed and efficiency.”

Bob and Dawn Davis have been meeting these difficult deadlines for a decade thanks to the unique combination of solutions and technical support offered by OWC.

“I kind of feel like OWC has my back because when I got my laptop, I wanted to maximize it and I talked to OWC,” Bob Davis said. “We removed the optical bay and we added the SSD inside and then the high speed RAM. [OWC] gave me confidence that I could do it myself. With the tutorials, with the video. And technical support is never rushed… They’ll stay on the line with me until I’m confident I can handle this and move on. Whenever I need something to back me up, I’ll call [OWC] first. ”

‘Super Bowl Weddings’
Bob and Dawn Davis have photographed the weddings of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker and of Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum, and designed books for Forest Whitaker, Maya Angelou, Tyler Perry and Oprah. And when working on what they refer to as “Super Bowl” weddings, they rely on OWC to provide performance as well as peace of mind.

“I view OWC as my partner. Anybody who is into storing, working with any type of digital media … you need solid solutions. And oftentimes it’s above our head,” Bob Davis said. “We’re photographers, all we know is we capture the image, we download it, we work on it and then we want to make sure it’s all safe and secure. The IT part, I’ve had to learn along the way, but without OWC I wouldn’t have learned as much as I do know now. So, I encourage everybody to make them your partner with your digital media and managing that.”

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  • We are honored to be featured on OWC’s blog. Thank you for making our job easier, the customer support we have received has been outstanding. We are grateful for your partnership!