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How to Execute ‘Trimforce’ Command with Your SSD

On Wednesday, we reported that Apple released the latest OS X version with 10.10.4, which adds the support of TRIM for third-party SSDs.

OWC SSDs are built to run at optimal speed and provide peak performance throughout their lives without TRIM through DuraWrite technology, over-provisioning, and garbage collection. However, our testing has shown no issues with using Trimforce or third-party enablers with an OWC SSD.

If you would like to enable TRIM on your SSD with the Trimforce command, we have put together a brief step-by-step guide:

1.) Open Terminal.   Open Terminal _12.) Enter the command “sudo trimforce enable” (without quotes). You’ll then need to enter your password to continue. You will see the screen below with a warning or “Important Notice”. While more recent SSDs shouldn’t have a problem enabling TRIM via Trimforce, older SSDs might behave in unexpected ways when enabling TRIM. However, if you have a relatively recent SSD, there shouldn’t be any problem enabling TRIM via Trimforce. As a reminder, you should always keep a backup of your data to ensure your data is secure. If users already have applications such as “Trim Enabler” already installed, they should probably remove it before using Trimforce.Enter Command_23.) You’ll be asked “Are you sure you wish to proceed (y/N). Press y and then enter to proceed to the next instruction. You’ll then be told that “Your system will immediately reboot when this is complete. Is this okay (y/N) ?”  Press y again and enter and it will tell you “Enabling TRIM”. Note: After your machine reboots, Terminal may relaunch depending on your machine’s settings. If that happens, you can simply close the window.Accepting questions_3

For more information on TRIM and your OWC SSD, please read our article, With An OWC SSD, There’s No Need For TRIM

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  • You misspelled “sudo” in instruction #2 > “Enter the command “dodo trimforce enable”

  • Great piece guys! One question though…

    I just replaced my hard drive in a 2010 Macbook Pro with a Samsung SSD 850 Pro 256GB. Just to verify there isn’t a way to run this ‘Trimforce command’ on 10.9.5 (Mavericks) correct? I would need to update to Yosemite, right?

    Thank you.

  • I purchased a Crucial M500 SSD from OWC. Does that qualify as an OWC SSD that can safely handle the effects of enabling TRIM via the trimforce command?

    • Hello John,

      The Crucial M500 SSD is not an OWC SSD. This would be manufactured directly from Crucial.

      Trimforce is however compatible with all 3rd party SSDs.

      • Hello,

        Neither Trimforce nor TRIM hacks operate under external RAIDs, or external USB/FireWire enclosures via OS X.

        If you have an internal Fusion, RAID or independent SSDs, “Trimforce” will work!

  • Hurray! This was a loooong time coming! I’m excited because it means I and other mac users can have the security if kext signing, duraWrite, garbage collection, over-provisioning AND TRIM with my OWC SSD! I suspect it will also increase your SSD sales with kext-wary customers.

    Here’s something else for the kext-wary and the terminal-command wary: Cindori has announced updates allowing TRIM without disabling kext signing for easier 3rd party SSDs without using terminal AND–they claim–it can be done in 10.10.3 Yosemite and El Capitan 10.10.4 with their TRIM enabler 3.4 and latest Disk Sensei state:

    “Using Disk Sensei or Trim Enabler, you can now enable Trim on OS X Yosemite (10.10.3 or later) and OS X El Capitan without disabling kext signing!”

    Can you guys test this? I’d like to know for myself and, like I said, it may help you sell more OWC SSDs to the kext-wary and terminal command-wary customers.

    Cinder also claims “This is the easiest and safest way to enable Trim on OS X. It is even better than using the new built in trimforce command, since that requires 10.10.4 and may require disabling system security on El Cap.

    • I just realized I confused Yosemite update 0.10.4 with the new OS X version El Capitan. I was so excited about TRIM without disabling kext signing I commented before my caffeine kicked in!

  • This raises a few questions for me.

    1. It appears that trimforce is enabled system-wide rather than per drive? I have two SSDs installed, is it an all or nothing change?

    2. In addition to my Mercury 6G, I also bought from you a Crucial/Micron M500 960GB SSD. Is this tested and/or does it use the Sandforce processor?

    3. In the original TRIM article you recommend against enabling TRIM for a variety of reasons including the “hack” nature of it, and also state it isn’t “needed” but also describe what appears to be a more efficient process if both TRIM and garbage collection are in operation together (not moving invalid pages). With trimforce now official in 10.10.4, what is the OWC wisdom on enabling on suitable drives?

  • Just a warning: Doing this will cause any third party (non-Apple) SSDs to appear as *external* drives. This is important for some tasks that don’t take well to drives being labeled as external even if they are physically internal.

    • Hello,

      With OWC SSDs we have confirmed that it shows Trimforce is active and it’s still being detected as an internal drive.

      We have not tested other 3rd party SSDs and these may or may not show up as an external. The drive will show up in whatever the OS sees after it reads the firmware.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact OWC!

  • Hi, thanks for sharing this post.
    I have an early 2011 15″ MBP with Sandisk SSD in the main bay (primary) & OWC SSD (secondary) in the optical-bay via OWC data doubler.
    If I enable TRIM, would that cover only the primary SSD, or will the secondary SSD also be covered?

    • When enabling TRIM on your computer, it will allow all SSDs to be covered.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact OWC!

      • Thanks, Dyllon!
        Could you please also comment on the warning shared by Squishy Tia – about non-apple SSDs to appear as ‘external’.

      • Hey OWC Dyllon, I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that this fix will only work on internal drives and that TRIM will not work on external drives. Can you confirm?

        • Hello,

          Neither Trimforce nor TRIM hacks operate under external RAIDs, or external USB/FireWire enclosures via OS X. It would only be for the internal SSD’s.

          • Forgot to mention that if you boot up from an external SSD with an alternative macOS on it and you boot back into your original internal HD, Trimforce gets disabled again.* So everytime I change boot drives I have to re-enable it. Kind of a pain, but better than having to own two differnert Macs.

            *Doesn’t happen when restarting with same drive.