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Apple Shuts Off App Reviews for Those Running iOS 9 Beta

iOS 9 Beta App Review Block

With the recent availability of iOS 9 beta 3 to the general public, developers ran into a problem. If an app had an issue due to the beta operating system that caused slow operation, crashes, or other problems, it started getting bad reviews on the App Store. Sadly, developers aren’t allowed to add patches to fix issues caused by iOS 9, so in many cases the problems will remain until the new mobile operating system ships this fall. Apple listened to developers and has shut off the ability to leave reviews if a person is running an iOS 9 beta version.

The change came yesterday with the release of iOS 9 beta 4 to developers. Now, when someone attempts to leave an app review while running the beta operating system software, they’re greeted with a message that says “This feature isn’t available. You can’t write reviews while using a prerelease version of iOS.”

The move is being applauded by developers, who were frustrated with watching their “star review” averages plummet due to problems beyond their control. It’s unknown whether Apple will extend the beta review ban to the public and developer betas of OS X 10.11 El Capitan, but it would certainly be a move welcomed with open arms by the development community.

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  • Apple needs to go further. They need to disable all rating and all reviewing for anything by any AppleID that’s installed any beta version until after the final product ships.