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Violinist, DJ, Educator Dave Kim Relies on OWC Upgrades

The classic violin is a simple instrument. Strings, wood and metal artfully crafted together to build an instrument capable of producing beautiful music.

But watch Dave Kim at work, and you’ll see a version of a classic instrument put to use with a modern twist. The seasoned performer primarily plays the electric violin, often live alongside high caliber DJs and musicians, creating spontaneous remixes of any song the DJ is spinning without a minute of rehearsal time.

However, Kim is also producer and DJ himself, which requires a different type of equipment with the modern twist he’s so familiar with. So, with the help of OWC, Kim gave his classic MacBook Pro and Mac mini new life in order to keep up with his demanding workflow.

“My system would move like molasses in winter if I didn’t upgrade my memory,” Kim said. “After recently upgrading the hard drive to a solid state hard drive on my Mac mini and MacBook Pro, my computers operate at lightning speed. I never turned the Mac mini off because it would take so long to restart. Now it starts up in a flash! I use the Mac mini for production and the MacBook Pro is used to DJ. My video and music projects would take hours to bounce. It now only takes minutes.”

Kim stopped by the OWC Austin office recently where he installed the Data Doublers, OWC SSDs and memory in his Macs.

Kim pictured upgrading his Mac mini.
Kim pictured upgrading his Mac mini.
Dave Kim with his Mac mini.
Dave Kim with his Mac mini.








Whether you’re a creative artist who needs the best performance from your system or just a casual user, Kim recommends upgrading through OWC.

“If you are using an older MacBook or Mac Mini, see how many GB of memory you are using. Super easy and inexpensive to upgrade. Then check to see if your hard drive is solid state. If not, do yourself a favor and go to OWC and upgrade your RAM to 16GB and your hard drive to 1 TB SSD.”

When Kim isn’t performing with his violin, as a DJ, or producing, he also educates young musicians. And as with his contemporary equipment, Kim uses modern techniques to create a more fun environment than traditional methods might bring.

Visit to learn more about Dave Kim. For more videos of Kim’s performances, be sure to check out his YouTube channel.

And click here to learn more about how you can upgrade your Mac with Data Doubler from OWC.

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