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Apple Sued Over Its New iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist Feature


Last month, we wrote about the new Wi-Fi Assist feature that is enabled by default in iOS 9. And although we advised data-conscious Rocket Yard readers to turn off the feature, some users were unaware of the feature.

And now some of those users have filed a lawsuit against Apple over the feature, which automatically switches a user to cellular data from a “poor” Wi-Fi signal.

The plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit allege that the Wi-Fi Assist feature has caused damage that “exceeds” $5 million. The lawsuit claims that Apple did not properly explain the feature from the beginning. Apple is also accused in the lawsuit of violating California’s Unfair Competition Law, the state’s False Advertising Law, and of negligent misrepresentation.

Check out our quick guide to disabling the feature if you’re worried about burning through too much data on your iDevice. And be sure to visit the Rocket Yard’s Tech Tips section for more iOS and OS X guides and tricks.

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  • This looks like a bunch of people trying to get a piece of Apple (Pun intended). Seriously if you look at your device and see a wifi signal than you are on wi-fi if you don’t your on data. If this Law suite goes through we are simply rewarding the ignorant users who choose not to learn their device. Apple’s intentions were to provide the best quality connection and sometimes LTE is faster than the wi-fi where you may be.

    • What you don’t realize is that cellular data is constantly being used even when you think you are not using any of your allowed 5 gigs when downloading a large file like a movie on wifi. Which normally doesn’t use any cellular data. The new feature uses up your 5 gigs of data faster than normal till you are told you have exceeded your 5 gig monthly allotment and need to purchase more. You can turn off the new feature but it’s not explained to you. You only find out after you are out of data and can’t use your phone to use maps or the web browser half way through the month. It definitely borders on a fraudulent scam by apple. GordieSea