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Get Massive Storage in Your iPod Classic with the iFlash-Dual

iFlash-DualDo you have an older iPod that you’re ready to love all over again? has the solution to modernize your classic MP3 player.

The Tarkan iFlash-Dual allows you to install SDHC or SDXC storage cards in place of the HDD to modernize your classic model iPod. Use with one SD card in standard mode, or two SD cards in mixed JBOD mode for even greater storage capacity. With Tarkan iFlash-Dual you will fall in love with your iPod all over again.

Take ownership over your music
The iPod Classic is still in high demand and is the preferred MP3 player of many audiophiles for its sound quality and pure capacity versus smartphones, as well as its convenience for distraction-free listening without requiring an expensive subscription fee.

With iFlash-Dual, you can get massive capacity and store your music, movies and photos on non-volatile flash memory with faster access times and better skip protection than the original HDD that originally came with your iPod. And its intelligent power management leads to lower power consumption than the original hard drive.

Revive an iPod with damaged HDD
Many older iPod Classics are prematurely thrown out or tossed in a drawer simply because the original HDD is damaged or functioning improperly. The iFlash-Dual will help you get the most out of your investment by significantly extending your iPod’s life, while giving your device better performance than ever at the same time. In three straightforward installation steps, you can transform your iPod back into the audio and video powerhouse it once was.

The iFlash is available as an add-your-own-card unit or in an OWC 128GB SDXC bundle!

Listen longer
Want to listen to your music or watch videos for longer than you ever could before? OWC also offers battery upgrades for iPods. Check out NewerTech NuPower Batteries to replace your iPod’s dead or dying battery.

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1 Comment

  • I bought the 128GB SDXC Bundle with the two suggested nylon pry tools.
    I viewed the video on how to effect the disassembly of the Classic iPod.

    I would suggest that this isn’t a job for a novice or even one who has some experience with iPod workings.

    I did manage to get the iPod apart. However, it completely consumed the two nylon tools and I had to revert to the use of metal tools. Brute force was required. The LCD display was cracked in the process. No big deal as the display was only nominally affected.

    I would suggest that OWC add a bit more to their how-to video to include a description of the several friction assemblies that are what are holding the cover in place. Where they are located and what to expect when prying the case assembly apart.