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“1984” Executive Passes Away.

apple-1984-runnerJanuary seems to be a bad month for people who have influenced the staff of the OWC blog. After last week’s passing of Jan C. “Sunday Sunday Sunday” Gabriel, we’ve had another loss, this time hitting a little closer to the Macintosh community as a whole.

Guy Day—one of the co-founders of the Chiat/Day, the advertising firm behind the “Think Different,” and “Switch,” campaigns and the now-legendary “1984” Super-Bowl commercial—passed away in his sleep last Saturday of natural causes.

The “1984”, and the agency behind it, are considered the main force behind the advertising spectacle that modern Super Bowl ads have become. And we all know that the product it promoted has become somewhat popular over the last few years. :-)

As for Day himself, his employees and coworkers throughout the years have chimed in, relating stories regarding his creativity, amiable nature, and pragmatism that helped propel Chiat/Day to the upper echelon of advertising agencies.

OWC Chris S.
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