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Did You Know You Can Make Your Mac Pro Better Than New?

MacPro6_1_200_MYOWCYou probably already know that the Mac Pro is a performance powerhouse. But did you know that you don’t need the latest Mac Pro in order to handle even the most demanding workflows?

Whether you’re looking to extend the life of your Silver Tower Mac Pro or take your 2013 cylindrical Mac Pro to the next level, the upgrades you need to make your Mac Pro better than new are just a click away.

More Memory, More Speed
Adding memory is the most cost-effective way to upgrade any Mac Pro. It also happens to be one of the easiest upgrades to make. Quite simply, adding more memory to your Mac Pro will give it more of what you really want: speed. Your machine will not only run more smoothly, but you’ll be able to run more apps at once.

If you have a 2009 to 2012 Silver Tower or 2013 Mac Pro, you will be able to install up to a massive 128GB of memory. And if you have an older Mac Pro, it might be able to take more than you thought. Tech Tip: How to Monitor Your Mac’s Memory Usage

Faster Boot Times with an OWC SSD
With no moving parts, SSDs are more rugged, run cooler and quieter, and consume far less power than platter-based hard drives.

prod_applemacpro2010With an OWC SSD, everything on your Mac Pro happens at lightning speed. Your Mac boots in seconds, not minutes. Apps launch in an instant, and data operations like loading and saving are much quicker. OWC SSDs up to 4TB are available for any Mac Pro, and deliver real-world performance up to 100x faster than hard drives.

You can even utilize your Silver Tower Mac Pro’s PCIe slot with the Mercury Accelsior E2 for the most demanding needs of video editing and creative professionals.

Other Options
While adding an SSD and more memory will go a long way in terms of a performance boost for your Mac Pro, there are several more options to take your workflow to the next level. From CPU and graphics cards upgrades to incredibly fast external storage, has solutions to make your Mac Pro run better than new.

Further Reading: OWC Can Help ‘Old’ Mac Pro Compete With 2013 Model

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  • My 2006 MacPro runs like a PRO using Ubuntu 14.0x now, and which is NOT locked out from Ubuntu upgrades.

  • I upgraded my mac pro and spent a pretty penny with ram and faster hard drives and ssd hd for the system and programs, but now– not much later, I discovered that my mac pro will not be supported in Sierra. Very disappointed. Soon Adobe will not work with this machine… I don’t want that weird mac pro that hasn’t been updated since the first version. What is with that?

  • This story is very mis

    Did you know you can get a pc that has 6 times the cores, 10 times the ram and 2 high end nvidia cards for less money then trying to make a trash can perform better?