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Lynx spotted on Olympic course: Coincidence or Apple Marketing Machine in action?

Last Wednesday an orange and black spotted lynx had made it onto the Olympic downhill skiing course during the men’s opening training session. No skiers were on the course at the time as the session was already on hold due to fog.

Makes me wonder, could this be the Apple Marketing Machine at work again by dropping clues into our subconscious and preparing us for the next big thing to come?

Mac OS X nicknames have all been in the big cat family so far: Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, and now Snow Leopard as the current operating system.  Could Apple be preparing us for OS X v10.7 “Lynx”?  Was this cat released into public view in a carefully-calculated plot to steal the show at a world-wide venue to get us thinking its time for an Operating System update? Or, did a member of the local wildlife just happen to saunter onto the course where plenty of eyes would see this spectacle, but no Olympians would be in harm’s way?

Happenstance?  I think not. But I have no way of proving it.

The cat was unable to comment on the events of the day.  It is still unknown whether this was due to a non-disclosure agreement with Apple or the beast’s natural inability to speak.

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