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Video Commentary: Thinking Differently on 2016 MacBook Pro, Part 1

In October 2016, Apple announced new MacBook Pro models featuring an all new thinner design, a controversial decision to replace all the ports with Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, and a much higher pricing structure. A large backlash ensued among the Mac faithful, while at the same time Apple experienced more sales of the new pro laptops than any before. So what gives? Are the laptops terrible, or are they as great as their sales would indicate?

Now that the initial hype has passed, it’s the perfect time to explore what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not — along with some alternate ideas you may want to consider.

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About the Video:
This video was shot in UHD 4K using Panasonic LUMIX G7 mirrorless cameras at OWC’s Design and Engineering Studios in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas, and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro on a Mac Pro upgraded with 64GB of OWC memory and OWC storage.

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  • The audio on this video sounded as though he was in a cave and I found it hard to listen and comprehend what he was saying.

    • Yah the room ended up being a little bright for the audio capture hence the slight echo. All apologies for the incovenience and the audio, and we’ll definitely seek to improve upon this in future series creations. Thanks for watching though, and your great comment.

  • Um… You must have a different 2016 MBP than I do. That giant trackpad gets in my way ALL the time. The most subtle graze of it puts my cursor in random places.

    • Hi Vincent,
      Thanks for watching the video, and for your comment. Well… factually our MacBook Pros are different :) But, I hear your pain on that one as that sounds completely annoying. Hopefully it’s something that gets fixed in a software update for those that experience the trackpad behavior you have with your MacBook Pro. The quirkiness our resident MacBook Pro 2016 users experienced on the TouchBar was different among other 2016 MacBook Pros as well and when they reported it, Apple reached out to try to figure it out. Perhaps the trackpads can act a little differently as well among the different units, which would be terrible. However, you can’t be the only person experiencing that. Have you reached out to Apple to see if there is indeed a fix for it? All the best, and again, thank for watching!