Interview: How OWC Became ‘Ahead of Curve’ with Renewable Energy

(OWC’s solar panels and wind turbine at its Woodstock, Ill. headquarters.)

Back in 2009, an on-site Vestas V39-500 kW wind turbine in Woodstock began providing power to OWC’s 8 Galaxy Way facilities. Since then, the LEED Platinum certified company has added solar panels to its facilities in multiple states including Illinois and Texas. OWC is now a net producer of energy, and one of the largest commercial producers of renewable energy in the state of Illinois.

Environmental media outlet recently took notice of OWC’s green initiatives and featured the company on its website. TreeHugger calls out OWC’s commitment to sustainability both in its offerings and its facilities.

Check out TreeHugger’s interview with OWC CEO Larry O’Connor, where he addresses OWC’s initial foray into sustainability practices including its geothermal heating and cooling, high efficiency lightbulbs, daylighting, permeable pavement, and more.  

Source: Newsfeed
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