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OWC Joins iFixIt #FixAtHome Campaign

Time to fix those isolation blues—we’re getting creative! iFixit asked us to join their #FixAtHome challenge, and we’re all-in for some at-home repairs and upgrades.

COVID-19 forces many people to Work From Home (WFH), and this state of self-isolation is not only unusual but also hard to bear for some. We’d like to inspire people to make good use of the current situation by fixing and updating the things they own—because the more people are at home, the more things are likely to break.

Repairing and upgrading stuff is good for the environment and more engaging than watching hours of Netflix (at some point)—and we’re hoping that sharing the little victories and excitement can bring us closer together during this difficult time.

That’s why OWC is joining iFixit and many other companies and organizations in a hashtag campaign on social media: #FixAtHome. Our goal is to empower and motivate people to start a personal repair/DIY challenge and share their stories with the online world. 💪 We’re in this boat together. Let’s make/create/fix/upgrade the best out of it!

If you have a computer repair or upgrade project to jump on, OWC has your back!

And don’t forget that OWC has detailed step-by-step installation videos to guide you through upgrading your iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro, and much more!

So, post your challenge with hashtag #FixAtHome and tag @macsales to let everyone know what you’re up to! Follow #FixAtHome on Twitter and Instagram and reshare/retweet the posts you like—we can all use a little encouragement these days!

Stay safe, and happy fixing!

OWC Mark C
the authorOWC Mark C
Content Marketing Manager
A creative by nature, Mark is a writer, programmer, web developer, musician, culinary craftsman, and interpersonal artisan. He loves the outdoors because greenspace is to the soul as whitespace is to the written word. He does not like Diophantine geometry or mosquitos. Most everything else is okay. Oh yeah, he is also the managing editor of the Rocket Yard blog.
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  • OWC offers the non-DIY folks upgrades for their older iMac, but not for modern-type 2012 and later iMacs. Is this a service they may include for those less handy and confidant?

    • Hi Bradley! OWC does offer Upgrade Services for newer iMacs that aren’t exactly DIY friendly – you can read more about what we offer and how it works right HERE. You can also contact Customer Support at any time with specific questions or for help. Good luck!

      • I don’t see anything but 2010 and 2011 models as part of the iMac part of the OWC Upgrade Service. No 2012, 2013, 2014, etc. models. These have old spinning hard drives in need of one of your SSDs.