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Videographer, X Games Contest Finalist Relies on OWC Storage for Extreme Shoots

Doeby Huynh is all about extreme competition. So, naturally the videographer, BMX-enthusiast and OWC customer found himself among the finalists in Real BMX 2018, which is the premier BMX video contest brought to you by the World of X Games.

The Rocket Yard recently caught up with Huynh to talk about the subject of his video – star BMX athlete Colin Varanyak – as well as his past and why he takes OWCgear on his most extreme shoots.

Be sure to vote for Huynh’s video here! Voting ends for the winner-take-all Fan Favorite portion at midnight June 10.


Rocket Yard: How did you get your start in BMX?
Doeby Huynh: Growing up as a kid, I really wanted to do something to make me “cool”.  One day I happened to stumble upon BMX in X-Games on TV. I’ve never seen bike riding like this at the time. It seemed crazy and really fun, so I gave BMX a shot. I fell in love with it instantly and have been riding BMX ever since.

RY: How did you begin to fuse your love of BMX with filmmaking?
DH: Once I go into filmmaking, it wasn’t even a question to start filming BMX videos. To me, filmmaking and BMX go hand in hand. The creative freedom involved in both aspects is endless. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. To be able to travel the world, make videos with my friends and call it a job has been unreal.

RY: What kind of projects are you currently working on?
DH: I have a few big projects I’m working on that I can’t release details yet at the moment. Other than that I’ve just been working with various brands and BMX riders on a few projects.

RY: Tell me about the X-Games contest and how you became involved with that.
DH: X-Games created a video contest series in 2016 called “Real BMX”. The contest is focused on six teams made up of one professional BMX athlete and one professional videographer that are paired up to compete and see who can come up with the best BMX street video part.

I got involved with X-games Real BMX 2018 through one of the participating athletes in the competition, Colin Varanyak. I’ve worked with Colin in the past on a few projects. He knew that we worked well together and completely trusted me, so I got invited to be apart of this series to film a video part with him.

RY: You use OWC storage in part of your workflow, what draws you to the company?
DH: The quality, innovativeness, and precision of these products is what really drew me to the company. I have been very fortunate to be apart of this contest series. This contest fully represents what I do, so it’s very important to me. I’ve worked with OWC drives in the past, so I knew these were the drives I wanted to work with for this project. OWC has been nothing but helpful, and supportive throughout this project. It’s been great to have OWC storage in my workflow. (Check out an OWC commercial by Doeby Huynh below)

RY: What OWC drives do you currently use?
DH: I’m currently using the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual for home use, then I use the OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini and OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual minis while traveling. I’m excited to incorporate more of the OWC products in my workflow.

RY: How important is it to have reliable storage when shooting?
DH: Having reliable storage is just about the most important thing! Most of these Professional BMX athletes travel the world and put their life on the line constantly while filming video parts. So as a videographer, we only have one chance to get it right and keep it safe. Hard drive failure is probably our worst nightmare, so it’s crucial to work with storage we can trust. Working with OWC and their hard drives has been amazing. It has improved my workflow dramatically. All their products are fast, durable, and made with best components. It’s been great to know all my footage safe without a doubt.

RY: How can people check out your X-Games video and vote for it?
DH: Here is the link to the X-Games Real BMX Videos! I filmed with Colin Varanyak, so go vote for our video!

Colin Varanyak on Doeby Huynh: “Doeby is a really motivated individual who is constantly progressing as a filmer/editor,” said Varanyak of his choice to work with Doeby Huynh on his Real BMX part. “He’s fun to be around, down to put in work, and is always positive and willing to try new things.”

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