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A Complete List of Mojave Compatible Macs

Apple announced macOS 10.14 Mojave, the anticipated follow-up to High Sierra, at today’s WWDC 2018 keynote. And while iOS 12 didn’t drop compatibility from the list of devices that work with iOS 11, Mojave does drop support for some Macs. Below is the list of all compatible Macs with macOS 10.14.

You can find the list of Mac’s compatible with High Sierra here, which you will notice dates back to 2009 models in some cases. Find more coverage from WWDC 2018 here and make sure your Mac is ready to run its best for Mojave with My Upgrades

More on Mojave… 

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  • Obviously, you people are way to tech savvy for me. I just want to know if someone can get the pictures off of my iMac that froze during installation of Mojave. I can’t get out of the screen that’s telling me installation failed.

  • Had some issues with upgrading to a Crucial MX500 SSD while on 10.14 Mojave already, Time Machine restore hung on the SSD late in the process. Did a fresh install of El Capitan which was OK, upgraded to Mojave which again hung (running long overnight), power cycled and the install moved on and ran thru the final stages of the upgrade and fortunately completed. The Mid 2012 was running pathetically now it’s a ~rocket (runs very nicely) compared to how it was with the dying Seagate to 500GB SSD and 4GB to 16GB upgrade. I hadn’t researched in advance (doh!) that there were Mojave SSD issues so I was lucky to stumble onto something that worked. I also didn’t do any firmware in advance, so if that is a known solution, (double doh!). It’s fun to be lucky! :)

  • Which external hard drives are Mojave compatible and will work with Macbook ProMid 2012?

  • Will Mojave run on a mac mini SERVER late 2012? I’m guessing not since I couldn’t move from El Capitan to Sierra but thought I’d check. I know mac mini’s for late 2012 are shown as compatible but I have the server – thanks

  • What can be done with my Mac Pro 2009 to get it run more recent versions of Mac OS/X? Or do I just need to accept that it won’t ever and use it as a file server?

    • If you can get the machine firmware upgraded to be recognised as a 5.1 & have a metal-capable card, you can run Mojave on it; I have one here doing fine since the first public beta. Search “mac pro 4.1 to 5.1 firmware upgrade” – I don’t want to post links in here.

  • I have the same situation as Ken. Please excuse my ignorance, but I’m not sure I understand your reply to Ken. When you say External Enclosures for Thunderbolt with a Metal Capable Video Card I’m not sure what all that is. Where can I learn more? And when you say “whala” what does that mean? Or, am I being stupid in thinking you meant

  • What Metal GPU do U recommend for: MacPro(Mid 2010)w/Graphics ATI Radeon 5700 and LCD Monitor 1680 x 1050 (Widescreen Super eXtended Graphics Array Plus)? Also, will there be a graphics card to monitor connector issue?

  • i have a mid-2011 imac 27inch , i cant afford a new imac , will there still be other updates for my 2011 ?

    • External Enclosures for Thunderbolt with a Metal Capable Video Card and whala there will be a way to get you upgraded. This will cost you abit but not like buying a new Imac.

  • Check out this video – there is hope for most of us yet:
    This guy’s a genius!!!!!

  • I felt saddened when I saw that my 2011 MacMini Server would not be supported in Mohave.

    With that the case, and already having successfully installing Windows 10 on a 2011 13″ MacBook Pro, I thought I would give it a shot on my 2011 Mini Server, which is used as an HTPC. I managed to install the latest Spring Creators Update, Windows 10 build 1803, and it is working just fine (had to backdoor it in by installing Win7 first and then upgrade).

    As a result, I found out that Apple and macOS were crippling some capabilities of the Mini Server.

    First is the shared VRAM. With 16GB installed macOS only allowed the use of 512MB, though some have managed hacks to get to work with more. Windows 10 build 1803 has a default access of a full 1.5GB!!

    The second and most glaring crippling for an HTPC, macOS only allowed passthrough of basic Dolby DD or DTS, the claim being that “the hardware” did not have allow passing the HD formats. Well guess what folks? Windows 10 build 1803 allows passthrough of up to Dolby TrueHD as well as DTS-HD Master Audio.

    As use as an HTPC, I have been test driving for a couple weeks now and really see no real difference using macOS or Win10 for this purpose, other than the increased capabilities and much better audio on my movies.

    So, those with Macs being left out of Mohave, you can still upgrade to a modern OS and may possibly have more capabilities than you had with macOS!

    BTW, not as MS troll. I have been a loyal Mac fan since the Mac Plus and have had a whole string of Macs during their evolution (still have a dual 1GHz PowerMac G5 tower). I just wanted to post this little bit of discovery.

  • i have a 27-inch iMac Mid 2011, 2.7ghz intel core I5 . i can’t afford to buy another iMac , i guess i don’t upgrade , or when this one doesn’t work anymore , i can go to the dark side and buy a HP . god forbid .

  • Doggone it. With Mojave, Apple is finally completely disenfranchising 17″ MacBook Pro users (the last version of the 17″ was in 2011). Sierra runs fine on both of my 17″ MacBook Pros, but High Sierra…less joy there.

    I had hoped that Mojave would run, and I could just skip High Sierra, but apparently not. So when Apple drops support for Sierra…#@%$!&!

    I need the screen real estate of the 17″ MBP. I’d gladly buy a brand new 17″ MBP if Apple made one…no, wait—I’d buy two of them. It’s not about the money. But I’ve pretty much accepted that that’s never going to happen.

    It’s really kinda perverse the way Apple occasionally just throws their users under the bus.

  • Is there a definition as to what a “Metal Capable” video card means? What would be he specs for such a card?

  • Wonder if I can skip HS and go directly to Mojave. I didn’t like the issues people were having with HS so I never installed it. MBP – mid 2012

  • Regarding the announcement that Mojave will only support Mac Pro models with METAL capable video cards.

    Is there a list of METAL capable graphics cards for the Mac Pro 5,1 (mid 2010)? Are there any graphics cards which support METAL AND are capable of showing the Apple boot screen, support bootcamp and do so out-of-the-box without any ROM modification?

    • Yes and not worth it. Just use the ancient Geforce 120 for Bios boot support and hook up a AMD Vega of any kind.

  • Looking at the Macrumors threat of people trying to install Mojave on older than allowed Macs, the deviding line seems to be if the Mac has a Metal compatabile GPU. Looks like Mojave UI is updated to run metal only or nearly only.

  • Why the gap between 2010 and late 2012 iMacs?
    My i7 2010 runs 10.13 just fine, and then 10.14 suddenly needs a machine that is two years newer?

    • Probably the GPU needs to be able to run Metal.
      This usually means an AMD GPU, probably not nVidia.