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Know What’s Inside When Hot-Rodding Your Computer.

As head of the RMA department here and a long time employee, I have—over the years—observed that the most common reason for returns of RAM, the occasional drive or even bare enclosures is that customers had not purchased the correct item.

If you are ordering memory upgrades for your computer and are not quite sure what you have, you just  need to ask. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you pick out the RAM module you need. You can also use the My OWC feature of our Web site to choose compatible memory for your Mac. Of course, you can always pull the existing memory modules out of your computer first and compare its specifications to those posted for each and every memory module upgrade component that OWC sells.

This goes for hard drives as well. Does your computer have a SATA or an IDE/ATA drive inside? Again, when in doubt, double check. You can find out from the computer manufacturer’s Web site, resources like MacTracker, the aforementioned My OWC, or by simply removing the drive and looking at the connections.

I’ve seen many instances where someone purchased the incorrect enclosure because they were not sure what drive they had and just made an assumption. Even if you are “sure” of something, it doesn’t hurt to double check; re-verifying is always a good thing. Don’t just assume what you need, and pull up a list of RAM modules and click on the cheapest one; that’s  a good way to make sure to get the wrong memory!

The moral of the story (ok not really a moral, but at least an idea) is that one should know their computer when upgrading and if you aren’t sure, don’t be afraid to contact us. One of OWC’s friendly and helpful Sales, Tech, and Customer Service representatives are here to help via Live Chat, e-mail or phone 24hrs a day , 7 days a week.

While we here at OWC pride ourselves in getting customer returns taken care of as quickly, efficiently, and with the best quality as possible, we all know that there is nothing more frustrating then getting your order delivered and in the excitement of a new gizmo, finding out you have to return it and play the waiting game all over again.

With a little research and some help from OWC, you’ll be able enjoy your new product as soon as possible, without worrying that you have the wrong part.

OWC Mary
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