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OWC Ready to Rock Following Apple Mac Pro Announcement at WWDC

OWC proclaimed excited anticipation following Apple’s announcement of the newest Mac Pro at WWDC. Available in the Fall of 2019, the new Mac Pro will once again offer creative pros a truly upgradable machine.


“Saying we’re excited about what this new Mac Pro means to the creative community is an understatement. Apple knocked it out of the park, and the new Mac Pro is an absolute game changer,” said OWC Founder and CEO Larry O’Connor. “With the inclusion of PCIe slots and the new MPX bays in this new Mac Pro, OWC cannot wait to share all the great OWC memory, storage, and accessory upgrades to help make our customers’ Mac Pro, the best Mac Pro for them. All built at the level of quality and award-winning support OWC is known for the world over.”

For over 30 years, OWC has been driven to provide customers with the ability to perform their own technology upgrades, allowing users to keep their machines running at top form for longer periods of time, saving them money and keeping more electronics out of landfills. The new Mac Pro will be no exception, and as more information becomes available, OWC will announce upgrade readiness to users around the world.

In addition, OWC is looking forward to the addition of SD card and external storage support to the iPad Pro with the new iPad OS coming later this year, bringing greater utility and capabilities to the already award-winning OWC USB-C Travel Dock and 10-port USB-C Dock.

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  • Crazy that the nMP does not provide drive bays for users. In my case, would need to migrate 7 x 2.5″ SSDs from a Dell T7910 workstation.

    Hopeful & awaiting to see what OWC might do. A PCIe-based, bare-bones, add your own drives option? Say, 4-6 x 2.5″ SSDs on a card, MPX or simply single PCIe – an OWC ‘Thunderbay 6’ on a card would be ideal.

  • The first pro mac I bought in 1993 was a Mac Quadra 840AV for $3500 (equiv to $6070 in todays dollars according to Wikipedia). It was not Apples most expensive desktop. That was the Quadra 900/950 at $7200 ($13,244 today). A iMac Pro starts at $5k and I don’t need the monitor because I use larger, less glossy, more color accurate displays. A base new Mac Pro, upgraded with ram and additional storage (same as I had to do with my Quadra) is no different. Stop whining about the price and stop saying pro’s won’t pay it. Either you need what it has to offer (not just talking raw speed) and you can afford it, or you don’t and you buy an iMac.

    Had the Quadra in full time use for 6 years (upgraded along the way), my current 2010 Mac Pro (also upgraded) for close to 10. Have had an iMac workstation in the office rendered obsolete and replaced 3 times in that same time period. You do the math.

  • Interesting. I do hope we see an OWC MXP bay unit for SSDs, say like your Thunderbay6 (bare bones or populated). The only option now seems to be for Pegasus HDDs.

    I also hope the 7,1 supports PCIe bifurcation (have a fast m.2x 4 as RAID 0 here).

  • Hello!

    I wanted to ask a quick question. With the new ‘Cheese Grater’ in the queue, does this represent a good opportunity to purchase a high-end MacPro6,1 trash can?

    From what I’ve read, considering price and performance, you are better off purchasing a loaded 2018 MacMini or staying with a MacPro5,1 with various upgrades.

    Let me know your thoughts, and thanks!

  • Expensive Apples
    Every one complains about Apple’s prices (my self included). However if you consider any or all of the following you may see that true value and more harmony with less hassle and mental anguish in every day usage is what you get. Being productive daily how much is that worth to you? Apple 2 was my first. and I have been building PC ‘s for other people since windows 95. I would like to share with you now some of the differences when you buy an Apple product you get a computer that will last a long time, as in 2-3 family generations and when a PC buyer gets a new machine he is already looking for the next replacement. What is the difference other than price? First Apple engineers all hardware so there is a harmony that doesn’t cause “the blue screen of death”that PC users will all experience, some many times. Not so with Apple they have been using the professional “no nonsense” business machine language of Unix to make their OX S’ for many years now. Apple has always gone the extra mile, the little things like grounding all hardware and using wiring with good insulating, shielding that doesn’t cause inference internally and on and on. You will never see a PC made with that kind of careful thought process in production. Many times when building a pc we get “BSOD” because some of the parts don’t want to play nice and that starts the process of trying to figure out who isn’t getting along? So when using you’re computer what is the true value of harmony for you?

    • In my house are two 2007 MacBooks that are running Linux Mint, because they are so old that Apple doesn’t support then anymore. Have you ever seen a 12 year old Windows machine running?

      My daily use machine is a 2012 Mac Mini. That is 7 years old. My best homebuilt Windows machine only lasted 6 years.

      One Life Cycle Cost per year basis it is hard to beat a Mac!

      • On a Life Cycle Cost per year basis it is hard to beat a Mac!

        (I wish you had an edit function so typos you missed the first time around could be corrected!)

  • I find it very hard to believe all the complaints. First you complain about Apple not catering to the Pro folks, then Apple comes out with pro stuff and you say it is too expensive. There is many different price points for Apple computers now. You do the Mac Mini, iMac, IMac Pro, and now an absolute top of the line Mac Pro. Nobody is forcing you to buy it. Apple did talk to Pros, and yes some people are going to buy the Mac Pros. Apple did say they are going to use what they learned from this on other computers. I think Apple has released more in the past year than it ever has but some of you are still complaining.

  • Model Name: Mac Pro
    Model Identifier: MacPro3,1
    Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon
    Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz
    Number of Processors: 1
    Total Number of Cores: 4
    L2 Cache: 12 MB
    Memory: 24 GB
    Bus Speed: 1.6 GHz
    still using this antique daily waiting for prices to reflect real value for the buck

  • After tricking out my 2010 Mac Pro to the trashcan Mac Pro specs ( after stumbling on a detailed blog post about how to do it for about $1500), I’ve been sailing along happily with plenty of grunt. I’ve also been wondering how much longer I can use a close-to-decade old computer, upgradeable tho it is.

    If I can just stick with what I’ve got for the next two years, hopefully the new Mac Pros will have come down a bit in price to make the transition. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

    • there is a group working on making Catalina run on Mac pro 5,1 or a flashed 4,1 ..I already have Mojave inning on a black listed machine.

  • The price is, well, intimidating. It will raise the question for people who push Photoshop and Lightroom asking about the best Mac for their use. I have the ‘trash can” which I think gets a bit of a bad rap. Without reopening that debate, it is slow working on my large images (3-GB files) and am ready for an upgrade. Can I get significant ground with new Mac Mini and eGPU? There is an awful lot of space between the $3K or so we are used to spending and this new Mac Pro. There makes a lot of room for you guys with products that soup up a Mini or even an iMac.

    • The MacPro 2013 sails along beautifully with 128GB RAM. I edit Phase One files and progress them into TIFF or PSB of up to 10 GB file size on the 6 core MacPro with no problems. I don’t see the need to upgrade this configuration for quite some time. It’s all about RAM with large Photoshop files.

  • I wouldn’t sink too much into inventory for the NEW Mac Pro …….. At $6000 for the base model there are not gonna be a lot of “regular” users jumping on that bandwagon. The corporate buyers will probably buy theirs maxed out and ready to go so nothing there either.

    Good luck Apple with your new “costs more the a loaded Cadillac” Mac Pro

  • Not sure why OWC is so excited by this bc Apple is essentially guaranteeing they make all their profit upfront by making this mac pro extremely expensive right out of the gate. The professionals I know of are shocked by the prices and these are not folks that get shocked. The sad part is that the macbook pros can beat out the entry level mac pro across most specs and it costs half and comes with a screen! OWC will not really be able to profit from this in a big way until maybe 2-3 years when prices have to be reduced bc of weak sales by hobbyists and even prosumers.

    • If they are shocked by the price of the Mac Pro then they obviously get shocked….

      the people complaining about the price of this computer, it’s not for you. It’s for cinema houses and big animation studios etc. it’s not for your mom and pops photo studio down the street, it’s not for content creators for you tube either. Those users aren’t dealing with 8k red raw footage.
      This computer isn’t even for me, I think it’s amazing and once I can pick up a used on I for sure will.

      If anyone is wondering My current machine is an upgraded 2010 Mac Pro, current specs are single x5677 3.46ghz 4c 8th, 16gb 1333mhz ram, r280x 3gb and pcie nvme ssd for boot drive. As this machine sits it’s benchmarks line up with with a low to mid class 2013 Mac Pro, I still have room to upgrade to dual x5677 if I want to buy dual cpu sled and another x5677 or 2 w3690’s and then a rx580
      Gpu. I also have a overclocked and upgraded g4 Mac mini and a 08 unibody MacBook Pro bto. I have been a Mac user since OS 7.5 running on a 6100/66mhz!

  • It looks like a very nice machine and hopefully will find a place in business environments. For the individual Mac user it’s a bit on the expensive side. I’ll gladly stick with my older Mac Pro for the foreseeable future since it can handle anything that I can throw at it.

  • While nice, it’s way out of my range $$$. Love Apple products and I push them to anyone that doesn’t have a Mac. Not something I’ll ever be able to afford so I’ll make sure my 2012 Mac Pro stays as updated as possible.

  • Beyond beautiful but like all initial Apple releases, the new MacPro is simply out of reach of the ones who use their products as non-professional consumers. In fact, this goes even beyond the Prosumer grade. Sad. Will have to rely on OWC/Macsales to offer its refurbished predecessors at the hugely and affordable discounts it has always provided us. At 72 years old, I doubt I’ll ever get the chance to lay my hands on one of these beauts. :-(

  • Well, Apple fixed the criticisms of the trashcan Pro. It’s hardly a surprise that a machine capable off dissipating well over a kilowatt is much more expensive than a cylindrical MAC Mini with a processor upgrade. I think we will find that it’s a very good fit for folk who need more processing power than a a couple of dozen cores, because such folk worked with Apple on its definition.

    It would, however, be good to see a Pro Lite with a lower cost and lower power and thermal capability at the old tradhcan price point or lower…

  • I’m not sure about the PCI-e support – that 1400kw power supply is going to generate millions of cubic feet of heat and noise. And with so many slots, if you populate half of them your will ALWAYS need to reseat them every week or so (so why the cover at all???) But I’ve always preferred a “big iron” approach to my computing environment because my profession demands power and speed, period. I really wish they would do a deluxe expansion hub to the “cylinder” (MacPro 2013). That would be more compact and user-accessible.

  • I’m hoping to see OWC LIGHTNING hubs and/or pass through dongles (to maintain battery charge while using an external USB drive) on older IPad Pros.

    And while the new Mac Pro is out of my league, I’ll be excited to see what modules OWC comes up with (and maybe I’ll buy a Mac Pro when it shows up on OWC’s used Mac page in five years).

    • It’ll be out of MOST of our leagues. The “PROs” who use it won’t be able to afford this. I’m a Pro user, i’ve Loved Apple hardware and software since the beginning, and there is nothing even close to the edge of reality that would allow me to buy one of these, plus monitor and $1000 stand without having serious financial hardship.

      I miss the old Apple way of business.
      Giving the users great and affordable tools.

      Plus: cheese-grater. Really?!

      • Entirely agree. It’s nice to know that OWC will be able to continue supplying add-ons and upgrades for Mac but, having used Apple hardware for software development since 2005, I’m now looking at alternate hardware for 1/2 the price.

      • Sad, isn’t it. Over designed, ridiculous pricing, and all we needed was a simple MacPro that could be upgraded.