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iPhone vs. EVO: a spousal conflict

Sometimes I wonder how many couples out there are in the same place as my husband and I. He is a Sprint customer – and an HTC person. I’m a AT&T customer – and an iPhone user. (It’s almost as bad as being a Sox-Twins couple!) Just about once a week one of us takes a dig at the other’s phone or service provider (admittedly, he wins the service provider spat more often than not). However, historically, I win the hardware fights.

But with the recent launch of the HTC EVO, followed by the release of the iPhone 4, nights have become heated with technology chatter. I have ‘played’ with his EVO and here are some things to consider.

While it’s a pretty phone with a big screen – the EVO’s too big for my taste. The size is great for him because he’s kind of a big guy (6’6”), so he doesn’t really have the smallest hands and fingers. One could say that the EVO makes me think about Burger King – its portion sizing is over-the-top. There is no chance of the EVO fitting into any cell phone pouches and one handing it isn’t very practical for smaller hands or most females. Personally, I like my phone to have sweet capabilities, but still be a portable phone at the end of the day – so the iPhone wins there.

The kickstand is a great concept and my hubby does use it from time to time – but isn’t necessary for daily usage and in the opinion of a parent – just something that will eventually break. I would much rather use a stationary mounting device.

The battery life in the iPhone 4 is just that much better than the EVO. This was an issue with his previous HTC Touch. I’m not an über-tech, but it seems as if Android is just too much for these HTC phones. My iPhone has up to 12+ days of standby life (equaling about 3-6 days with regular business/personal use). His EVO is lucky to make it through 12-15 hours of regular use. (Of course, there are several bloggers who have figured out how to extend the slim life, but you have to turn off a bunch of the features.) Battery life is über-important to me – so Apple wins there, as well.

The cameras – this is a toss up. While the EVO has an 8-megapixel camera (iPhone 4 has a 5MP), the iPhone’s flash and camera settings are generally set up with better usability for taking photos in high or low light situations. They are pretty much equal on the HD video capabilities. However, its personal preference on the download cables – and for me, I like that the iPhone only has two things to plug into it 3.5mm headphones (which are included with the iPhone, not the case with the EVO) and the data/charge USB cord.

The interface is incredibility similar to the iPhone (I will reserve my knock-off comments as they are duking it out in the court system). However, there are little things that make a difference to me. Like the application markets. Android can try to play catch up, but the Apple App market is just better hands down. Right now, my hubby has to use a knock-off Skype application, which kind of works, mostly doesn’t. Not having the proper Apps renders the face-to-face video function on the EVO pretty useless. Not an issue for the iPhone – of course maybe one day Android will catch up.

While there are many different things to consider, and I freely admit that it’s increasingly personal choice, the iPhone still rules the market. “Sorry” to HTC and my hubby, but the proof is in the sales figures.

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  • One thing to note for anyone considering a smartphone is the cost of the data plans. I’ve read that the EVO’s data plan is $70 unlimited plus $10 for Clear 4G which is mandatory regardless of whether you’re in a 4G. That compared to AT&T’s data plans of $15-$25 with 200MB – 2GB limit is a big difference.

    One main comment from me is that I don’t completely understand the fight. Apple led the way with the iPhone but those who like the Android really love their phones too. One doesn’t have to be better, one just has to fit the customers needs, and I think the competition that’s going on is great for the market. The android has definitely picked up on the PC tweakers desire to play with everything.

    One bad thing going for Android is OS fragmentation…. on droids apps may or may not work on another. Not so with the ubiquitous iTunes App Store. Apps I bought for my original iPhone work to this day iin my iPhone 4 and iPad.

    If I’m off on the data plan rate please comment below, it would be interesting to see actual customers data plan rates.

  • I agree. The EVO is the only Android phone I’ve ever seriously considered. The potentially faster network (WiMax)and hotspot fucntionality were especially enticing. I held off on purchasing either until I could get some hands on time with them.

    I didn’t really care for the scrolling application list of the EVO but I did like the time and temp widget, the method for revealing the various home screens, and the greater incorporation of voice throughout the OS.

    In the end, the Apple app store, the slightly smaller overall size, and the brilliant hi-rez screen will likely have me purchasing the iPhone 4. I don’t really care to replace the perfectly functional 143 apps I currently have on my iPhone.