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Give Your Photos a Retro Game Look With the ConsoleCam App

From your friends at OWC! (that’s us)…

…we’d like to introduce our brand-new(1) iOS app — ConsoleCam! Now before you go and get too excited and think this app will change the world as you know it, well… you may be mistaken. But, it sure can help us computer-folk, and old-school gamers reminisce a bit! As one of our app developers put it, “This is just a fun little distraction for people while they are stuck at home…”

And who doesn’t need a little fun distraction these days? So, download ConsoleCam and enjoy!


Do you ever pine for the nostalgic aesthetics of your old Apple IIe, Nintendo Gameboy, or Sega Genesis? Want to see the world as if pixelated through your Commodore 64 or Atari 2600? ConsoleCam lets you see your photos as they would look on over 90 vintage consoles and computers.

See what your puppy would look like on a ColecoVision, or your friend’s face on a Macintosh 128k, then easily share or save the results.

ConsoleCam faithfully converts your pictures into retro images, accurate for the selected console. We’ve ransacked technical manuals, ROM images, and our childhoods to find each system’s technical capabilities and quirks.

Not sure which console to use? ConsoleCam automatically picks a starting console and makes it quick and easy to try something different.

All consoles are included for free! No in-app purchases required.

Glowing Review

“Give your iPhone pictures a retro game look, which, as it turns out, is super cool…”
— Juli Clover,  

How It Works

  • Use pictures from your camera roll or take new shots   
  • Choose a specific console style (like Sega Master System) to apply to your photo or choose from generic pixelated effects in a variety of styles and colors.  
  • Random button allows you to try different console effects on the same photo quickly. You can also switch consoles chronologically or alphabetically.  
  • Add a retro style TV or console frame, if you wish.  
  • Easily email or print creations or share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.  
  • Rescale and move lets you control which part of your photo is used.  

94 Systems From 44 Manufacturers Including

  • BBC Micro  
  • CPC  
  • APF Electronics  
  • Apple  
  • Atari  
  • Bally  
  • Casio  
  • Coleco  
  • Commodore  
  • Emerson Radio Corp.  
  • Epoch  
  • Fairchild Semiconductor  
  • IBM  
  • Intelligent Systems  
  • Magnavox  
  • Mattel  
  • Nintendo  
  • Philips  
  • Radio Shack  
  • Sega  
  • Sinclair Research  
  • Sony  
  • Tandy  
  • Texas Instruments  
  • Thomson SA

All this and more from your friends at OWC! So download ConsoleCam now, share the awesomely bad graphics with your friends and family, and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

(1) Okay, ConsoleCam isn’t exactly brand new. It’s a re-tooling and reboot of an older app designed by a few of our engineers as a test many years ago. But for all intents and purposes, it is “new” because its predecessor was soon retired. And it had only about 12 downloads, so you’ve likely not seen it before anyway…

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  • I just tried to download and the App Store said “Item Not Available – The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.”