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iPad with Steve Sande and John Martellaro – OWC Radio #9

iPad is the topic for this episode, as host Tim Robertson is joined by Steve Sande, an editor and host of the weekly TUAW TV Live at The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and John Martellaro, senior editor for analysis and reviews at The Mac Observer.

Does the iPad do video out to an HDTV in HD quality? Who is the iPad really for? Does your current iPhone apps work, or do you have to buy again? We look at these and many other questions and try and find the answers.
Plus, did you know that OWC has one of the fastest drives on the market today? Tim talks about the OWC Mercury Extreme Enterprise SSD!
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  • I was a little disappointed with this episode although I shouldn’t be surprised. Most of the comments that were made were more from the standpoint of how the iPad would not work for the commenter and and what it could not do and not from the standpoint of what it could do and who it would work well for. I found many of the criticisms to be petty and unreasonable. Can’t do graphic editing? Not designed for that. Won’t run BBEdit? How is that the fault of the device?

    From what I can tell, the iPad is not designed to replace a MacBook or desktop computer for any and all purposes, just for specific tasks. From my standpoint the iPad makes a lot of sense for me. I want to be able to read a book, read and send email, do light word processing tasks on something with a larger screen that does not require me to lug my MacBook Pro around and has a tad ore power and screen real estate than my iPhone. If I need to code in BBEdit, do page layout, or manipulate graphics I’ll head to my MacBook Pro or my desktop machine.

    Honestly I have been very happy with the podcast so far and just urge you to remember what you have in the header “by humans, for humans”. Look beyond the “what can’t this technology do for me” and see what it CAN do for other users.

    Keep up the good work.