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Apple Recalls Marketing 101 With iPad Name

While others here in the halls of OWC and others in the blogosphere grouse about the name iPad for Apple’s new device, it only makes sense to me.

Apple products are as much about the message and the marketing as they are the device. They don’t exclude anyone…from the average user to the ubergeek, there’s something for everyone…features and operations that are easy to use and yet can be expanded upon if one so desires. And I feel a bit qualified to make that statement having been in marketing and at times going head to head with Apple since the very earliest days.

So, how does it make sense? The 3P’s of marketing…and in this instance for Apple…iPod, iPhone, and now iPad.

With that name, they’ve created their own 3P’s to product category killers…and add a family extension of similarity to the entire line. Just like how many of the same features have evolved in the Mac OS.

Come on…iTablet? Did you ever use a tablet of paper? You grabbed a pad of paper.

Perfectly Positioned Product…there’s my 3P’s on the subject.

And I have to say I pretty much told you so in my predictions…for the most part, an iPod Touch…larger screen and a full size QWERTY keyboard. For many Boomers, this is exactly what we’ve been…pardon the pun…looking for since a screen showed up on an iPod.

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  • I pointed out yesterday that “iPad” was a good name because it was shooting for the generic. “Yo, hand me the ‘pad, okay?”

  • Thanks Andres…I was simply amazed at the negative comments on the name last night…some saying they won’t even buy because of the name iPad. To each his own I guess…but the ones saying Canvas was the holy grail of names…gimme a break. Not everyone paints on canvas…but nearly anyone can doodle on a pad of paper. Some just don’t get the basics. Ah well.