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More Reviewer Love For OWC

No matter where you go, people seem to love our products. A quick perusal of the product reviews on our “Press” page will return a bevy of rave reviews and glowing accolades. I think it’s safe to say, we put out a pretty good product. Now, we can add three more great reviews to our ever-growing list.

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD

Since we introduced it in January, the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSDs have simply raked in the praise by not only offering top-notch performance increases, but doing so at a reasonable price.

Real World Labs added to the list today when, in their 11-Way SSD Roundup, they gave the Mercury Extreme SSD their Editor’s Choice award for its overall superior performance. By doing so, they follow in the footsteps of just about every reviewer who has tried the Extreme, such as, The SSD Review and PureOverclock, just to name a few.

OWC Multi-Mount

In case you haven’t heard about the OWC Multi-Mount, it’s another one of our new products. It allows you to mount a smaller drive in a larger bay, such as mounting the 2.5” Mercury Extreme mentioned above in a 3.5” or 5.25” drive bay.

PureOverclock recently got their hands on one of these mounts, and gave it a “Good Hardware” rating. Be sure to keep an eye out for more reviews on this little guy, as it fills a need that very few other products do.

NewerTech 7-Port Hub

The first two products appeal to those who like to disassemble their computers in order to eke out every last bit of performance and/or storage they can get from their machines. This last one, though, appeals to everybody.

The NewerTech 7-Port Hub is for everyone who has ever found themselves a USB port shy of being able to attach all their peripherals. This seven-port USB hub has its own power supply, so you can use your various USB devices all at once, without worrying whether there is enough power to each.

Krishna M. Sadasivam, better known as the author of the wildly-popular PC Weenies webcomic, has posted a review of this hub on his tech blog. And APTM (aka About This Particular Macintosh) did a rather… uniquely worded… overview where they praised our hub as “ideal…a standout”.

As GlobeMan says in that Twitter hashtag, Thanks For The Love. While we extend that sentiment out to the reviewers that covered our products above, we also encourage you to appreciate yourself by getting one of these or another one of our fine products as a reward for some good deed.

OWC Chris S.
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