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Price Drops on GMAX Make RAID 1 Even More Affordable!

How much of your data is completely irreplaceable? Now, how much of your data could you replace, but it would be a monumental investment of time and effort to do so? Between those two, I bet that’s a lot of data.

Obviously, the best way to guard against data loss is to have a functional backup strategy, but manual backups (or even scheduled ones) are only as good as the last time they were run. That’s where the Guardian MAXimus comes in.

The NewerTech Guardian MAXimus RAID-1 FW800/400+eSATA+USB2 ‘Quad Interface’ solution is a hardware RAID 1 ‘Redundant Mirror’ which automatically keeps your data backed up in real time to protect against a hard disk failure. Should a drive ever experience a malfunction, normal data operation continues seamlessly. If the malfunction is a recoverable ‘soft’ type, the Guardian MAXimus will rebuild the mirror (also without data interruption) automatically. If the disk failure requires a drive to be replaced, once the new drive is installed. the Guardian MAXimus will automatically rebuild the Mirror while you use it.

In addition to the benefits of Hardware RAID 1 Mirroring, these solutions are fully certified for Audio/Video, Backup, Graphics, Music, General Data needs and more!

Other Features:

  • Available in capacities of up to 2.0TB + 2.0TB Mirrored
  • LED indicators on the front of the solution indicate the status of the two drives.
  • Automatically rebuilds the RAID in case of error or drive replacement.
  • 2 x FW800 ports, 1 x FW400 port, 1 x USB 2.0/1.1 port, & 1 x eSATA Port
  • Sleek, compact Aluminum design
  • 9.0″ Long x 2.8″ Wide x 5.8″ High.
  • Fully bootable
  • eSATA, USB2, FireWire 400, and FireWire 800 cables all included!
  • Prosoft DataBackup III (Mac OS X), Intech Speedtools (Mac OS 8.6-10.5.x), Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac OS X), and NovaStor NovaBackup (Windows) included
  • Fully Mac & PC compatible
  • Industry Leading Three Year Solution Warranty

While a Guardian MAXimus makes backing up data easy, it does you no good if you don’t have one. Fortunately, we’re making it even easier to get one with these great new prices.

Prosoft Drive Genius 3 Bundle Offer

Purchasing Prosoft Drive Genius 3 along with a NewerTech Guardian MAXimus (or any OWC or NewerTech external storage solution) can save you $60 off the retail price of the program.

Check our Web site for more details.

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