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U.2 SSDs: Blazing-Fast High-Capacity Adaptable Storage

We’ve already talked about U.2 and why you would want to use it. We know that U.2 is a connection for your Solid State Drives (or SSDs) that is blazing fast. But what are the best uses of a U.2 solution and who is U.2 for? 

Hi I’m Michelle for Rocketyard. 

What Are U.2 SSDs Best Used For?

As it currently stands, U.2 drives are most commonly being used in IT and installed in high-performance servers. However, additional uses for U.2 drives are on the rise. They have found themselves being used in high-performance gaming computers, as well as being an ideal solution for creative professionals working with Visual FX and High-Resolution video.  Some of those uses include uncompressed CODECS, Prores RAW, 4k DPX, EXR, or Digital Graphics. It also works great as a high-speed cache and render device.

OWC NVMe U.2 SSD Shuttle
The OWC U2 Shuttle

Creative professionals more often than not find themselves working with an immense amount of data in a profession where time is money. Having the fastest and largest SSD storage is key to getting things done, and U.2 drives fit that role perfectly.

OWC is expanding the ways U.2 can be used to greatly enhance and streamline workflows. With products like the ThunderBay Flex 8 and U2 Shuttle, OWC is redefining what it means to be fast, high capacity, and configurable. 

I’m Michelle for Rocketyard. Thank you for watching. 

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