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Jellyfish Manager 2.0 Improves Video Collaboration and Workflow

Introducing Jellyfish Manager 2.0. It sports a new design, new dashboard, new integrations. We added more live information for your Jellyfish for deeper analytics, a cloud backup integration that works seamlessly with Backblaze, AWS, and Wasabi, and new or enhanced workflow integrations with Postlab,, and Iconik. Your IT team and Jellyfish admins are going to love this.

Press release

Brand New UI


The Jellyfish Manager application has been the easiest-to-use server management application since day one. Since then, the Jellyfish team has added a ton of new functionality which called for a new layout that focused on organization and a streamlined user interface. The updated design has easily accessible menus and deep linking throughout the whole application. System alerts are now readily available from all pages in the app. We added more tooltips across the board and intuitive terminology to speed up the learning process.

The new dashboard is packed with information about the current health state and usage of the Jellyfish. The deep linking functionality allows for admins to access the most useful settings right from the main page to change shares settings and add read and write user permissions


Cloud Backup

We built integrations with the most requested cloud backup services that allow you to run scheduled backups, and if necessary, recover your data from the cloud.

We improved our integration with Backblaze and included AWS and Wasabi cloud services and will include more in the future.

Syncing between Jellyfish folders and projects is now possible without going through watch folders on your workstation. Combined with the transcoding functionality of Jellyfish Media Engine, this integration helps teams collaborate through while storing their original footage on the Jellyfish.


If you aren’t already familiar, Postlab is a platform that helps teams collaborate more easily in Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

Postlab interface

It is cloud-based, but with our new Jellyfish integration, it can run locally on the Jellyfish itself instead of using the cloud. We are proud that the Jellyfish is the only on-prem solution that works with Postlab Local.

In addition to all this new functionality, there are many improvements in Jellyfish Manager the user won’t be able to notice but will allow us to build more integrations with our own software and third-party applications. We hope you will enjoy the improved experience.

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  • You need to re-record the audio for the Introducing Jellyfish Manager 2.0 video here. It is muffled and hard to understand.