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OWC Announces Atlas Pro and Atlas Ultra Series Memory Cards and Card Reader for Photographers, Videographers, and Content Creators

OWC, a leading customer-focused creator of innovative solutions for over 30 years that have enabled individuals, businesses, creative professionals, and educators to get maximum usefulness from their technology investment, today announces the all-new OWC Atlas Memory Cards and Reader.

“OWC is the leader in workflow solutions that professional photographers and videographers depend on daily,” said Farshid Tabrizi, Sr. VP of Flash Memory & Media Development. “I am thrilled to release our new Atlas Pro and Atlas Ultra memory cards that provide flexibility and choice for photographers and videographers based on their camera and how they use it.”

Performance and reliability have been OWC’s priorities as a leading developer of flash storage for over a decade. Our Atlas memory cards line-up is developed and tested under the most aggressive settings each card type is designed to handle. You can trust Atlas memory cards with your irreplaceable content while delivering the performance and reliability you expect. Go from ingest to edit with the portable bus-powered Atlas FXR CFexpress card reader with built-in support for both Thunderbolt and USB, SD and CFexpress card reader equipped with OWC docks, and OWC storage solutions. No matter your need, Atlas is one stage of an empowering OWC ecosystem that will rocket you onward and upward from Capture to Completion™.

“It’s super important to have equipment that doesn’t limit me in any way,” said Jake Chamseddine, Tour Photographer. “From cameras to lenses, all the way down to the memory cards I use, having the peace of mind of knowing my cards are not only going to keep up with me while I’m shooting, but also safely transfer images to and from my camera, is the reason I love OWC’s Atlas memory cards so much. Couldn’t recommend a card more.”

Atlas Pro SD V60

Ideal for your most common photo and general video capture uses, including high-resolution RAW photography at moderate burst rates and up to 4K video recording. The OWC Atlas Pro SD V60 offers the perfect balance of quality, speed, and affordability to general prosumers, business content creators, social media influencers, and pro photo and video creatives using DSLR and mirrorless SD card-based cameras.

Atlas Ultra SD V90

When you have a high-end SD memory card-based workflow or want to use your camera’s maximum video setting allowed by an SD card, the Atlas Ultra SD V90 lets you take it to the Ultra level—built and designed to meet professional content creators’ most advanced use cases, including high burst image sequence RAW photography and high bitrate 4K and 6K video recording. Built for action sports, outdoor/wildlife photographers, individual pro photo and video creatives with advanced cameras and camcorders, and independent/small film production companies using DSLR and mirrorless SD card-based cameras. With a minimum of 90MB/s sustained recording speeds guaranteed, you don’t have to worry about dropped frames or missing footage. 

Atlas Pro CFexpress

Whether you’re a photographer using a firmware updated XQD camera or a filmmaker using the latest camera, there’s a capacity for your need. The OWC Atlas Pro CFexpress is the cost-effective choice for most professional workflow needs, including fast burst RAW image sequences, high bitrate video recording up to 6K on 512GB, and higher capacities. The OWC Atlas Pro CFexpress is perfect for intermediate action sports photographers, intermediate outdoor/wildlife photographers, individual pro photo/video creatives with advanced capabilities, and film production companies using DSLR and mirrorless CFexpress card-based cameras. 

Atlas Ultra CFexpress

The Atlas Ultra CFexpress is perfect for your most demanding video recording and extreme action photography settings. With minimum sustained write speeds of 1300MB/s, you can reliably capture 8K RAW video with your top-of-the-line cinema camera. If you’re an advanced sports or wildlife photographer, the 165GB version is the fastest, most cost-effective solution to clearing your camera buffer and shooting continuously in burst mode. Built for advanced action sports photographers, advanced outdoor/wildlife photographers, professional video content creators, film production companies, and feature film studios using DSLR and mirrorless CFexpress card-based cameras. Both the OWC Atlas Ultra 325 and 650 are RED APPROVED for V-Raptor and V-Raptor XL Cameras. 

Atlas FXR

Revolutionize your capture to ingest CFexpress memory card workflow with Flexible compatibility, Xtreme speed, and travel-Ready convenience. Transfer video footage and photos to virtually any computer or tablet with Thunderbolt or USB port up to 1600MB/s speed. Sized like a debit card and bus-powered, Atlas FXR easily fits into your smallest gear bag. Made for intermediate to advanced action sports photographers, intermediate to advanced outdoor/wildlife photographers, professional video content creators, film production companies, and feature film studios using DSLR and mirrorless CFexpress card-based cameras.

Pricing & Availability

OWC Atlas Pro SD V60 is available now in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities starting at $27.99 on

Atlas Ultra SD V90 is available now in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities starting at $74.99 on 512GB will be available in December

Atlas Pro CFexpress is available now in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities starting at $94.99 on

Atlas Ultra CFexpress is available now in 165GB, 325GB, and 650GB capacities starting at $174.99 on

Atlas FXR is available now starting at $149.99 on 

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    • Currently we are focused on full sized SD and CFexpress Type B form factors. Depending on demand and feedback from our customers, we will consider offering such products in the future!

  • Do the OWC cards require softraid, or can they work without softraid????
    Thank you. Gloria Messer

    • My guess is that they cards (Full Sized SD & CFexpress -B) should not need SoftRAID and should work fine with the regular Apple formatting (APFS – I would guess).

      SoftRAID is great – though I have not used it in ages. Maybe December 2023, if the next year is kind.