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It’s what’s inside that counts.

When I tell people I really like OWC’s external drive solutions, most people  assume I’m just saying that because I happen to work here. I suppose that’s a valid argument; the more drives we sell, the more money the company makes, and by extension the more likely I will be able to keep a roof over my head.

That’s not the only reason I say that, though. Its not even the main reason. Taking off my “OWC Hat,” I still legitimately like the products. When compared to most external hard drives of comparable price & capacity, the OWC and Newer Technology offerings seem to come out ahead each time, and it always comes down to what’s inside the box.

The first thing I notice is the fact that OWC drive solutions are just that – solutions. I know that if I purchase one of those, I’m not going to have to purchase some other part or accessory to use it. All the cables that can be used with a particular enclosure are included – USB, FireWire 800/400 or even eSATA. Backup software is included, in case I want to do that.

Even neater, on the drives themselves is over 2GB of shareware, freeware, and other goodies. Since I don’t have a broadband internet connection at home (or, indeed, one at all) its useful for finding utilities I never knew about or getting a hold of a copy of my favorite Apple commercial. A file that large also helps me rest easy about the drive; I figure that if a drive can take over 2GB of data in one go without choking, that drive is going to be able to take the considerably smaller files I’ll be throwing at it at any given time.

The biggest thing for me, though, is even further “inside.” Because they list it right there on the site, I know that if I were to open up my OWC drive solution, I would find a name-brand hard drive in there. That makes a big difference to me. I once purchased an external device with a no-name, generic drive inside, and the thing was inoperative in just a few months. With my OWC drives, I know that the drive mechanism inside was constructed by a reputable company that’s been around for a while, meaning that my data is in some more experienced hands.

Speaking of warranties, all OWC and Newer Technology drive solutions have a 3-year Limited Warranty. Its nice to know that they stand behind their products; I wasn’t so fortunate with that no-name drive. And if the drive solutions runs 3 years and 1 day past the warranty, before an unpleasant head crash? Those same name-brand drives often have warranties that extend past the OWC one; all I need to do is take it out of the case and work with the drive manufacturer.

Putting that “OWC hat” back on, I do have to say that we all take a lot of pride in our products. You don’t have to buy your external storage solutions from us, but we’re glad you do and we’re working every day to make your computing experience that much better.

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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