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OWC Announces 16GB RAM Upgrade For New Apple MacBook Pros

Other World Computing announced today through its in-house MaxRAM testing lab the immediate availability of high performance OWC PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz 8GB memory modules that provide 12GB and 16GB memory configurations for the new 2011 MacBook Pro models. Now, with these OWC Upgrades, new MacBook Pro model owners can add up to twice the factory maximum installed memory.

OWC Memory Upgrades Offer More Configuration Options:


Not available as factory memory upgrade option.



OWC MaxRAM Lab Confirms 16GB Performance And Compatibility

By maintaining its own lab  of nearly every Apple Mac model ever made, including all of the latest 2011 MacBook Pro models, OWC continues its reputation as a leading independent memory upgrade provider for Macintosh computers with kits that offer maximum capacity, configurations and savings. Like all its memory upgrades, OWC Memory Upgrade Kits for 2011 MacBook Pro are engineered with premium quality components and are fully tested and certified to meet, if not surpass, all Apple memory design and compatibility specifications.


Notebook Performance That Rivals Desktops

“A wide range of testing – by both internal and leading external performance sites – is in progress on our first to market 12GB and 16GB OWC ‘MaxRAM’ memory options for the 2011 MacBook Pro,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “Our initial confirmed results, using the same ‘diglloydMedium’ CS5 testing parameters employed by macperformanceguide.com, reveals a nearly 50% performance improvement with 16GB of RAM installed vs. the factory maximum of 8GB. This upgrade truly lets owners of the latest MacBook Pro models unleash the power of their machine with performance approaching that only previously available in Apple desktop and tower models.”

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  • The newest price for the 16 gb is 143.00? I would much rather pay for the $1599.99 memory, where can I find that?
    Also, if anyone knows, where I can get a suitcase-cellphone please let me know, I love the way the suitcase battery pack sit perfectly where I ripped the console out of my Ford Pacer.

    • . . . sorry, I meant AMC Pacer, I keep thinking of my Ford Pinto because it’s in the shop having a new factory engine and transmission installed . . . would you believe, they sold me the matching engine, and drive train for 17,000.00. Ha! It’ll be like driving a brand new car!

  • Hi, I’d like to speed up my EARLY 2011 (Core i7, 2.7ghz, 13″) MacBook Pro. everymac.com referred me to this page and said that it can handle 16 GB of RAM, yet your article seems to only say, “the LATEST MacBook Pro models”.
    So can my laptop handle 16 GB, or should I just go with 8 GB?

  • Hi i have been given the task to install the os x onto a drive for a Macbook Pro Model: A1286, EMC2417, & Serial: C02FM13VDF8V, I have the belief that these macs were inventwed and leashed with only 8gb of ram, however pushing it to the limits and the age of the system now i believe it has fried the logic board, as ran a test recently and its pointing to the memory that causing the fault, My client upgraded with apple, many yrs ago, yet they have not endorsed the action of upgrading the ram to 16gb, Is it possible that the 16gb over the years of continuous stress on the system by the user has had a direct result of overloading the logic board, As can see brown faint patchy marks on the underside of the logic board (the side you see when you open it up)..I would be grateful of any answers and potential solving answers to this as i am at my tether now, Cant boot up into recovery it just goes to internet and downloads from 5mins to 4 to 3 etc etc, then freezes and goes to a clear screen grey, have also reset the pram and smc too, tried new memory and a alternative hard drive without no luck, my diagnosis from apple and various sites with specifications of this laptop is the ram was to heavy and has caused it to overload the system board and render it useless in my opinion. what you reckon??