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Use your OWC drive with your video game system.

No, it’s not a super-secret way to copy or store copyrighted games, nor is it some crazy way of controlling your games using the hard drive, despite what the image to the right would suggest.

Instead, ace support tech and avid gamer OWC Duane has put together a fabulous walkthrough for setting up your OWC or Newertech USB 2.0 External or Portable Storage Solution as a media drive for your XBox or Playstation 3, allowing you to play back movies and music without having to network it to your home computer.

Accessing your media this way not only offers convenience, portability and speed, but it also offers significant energy settings; a single hard drive uses considerably less energy than a whole computer.

If this sort of thing sounds like it’s right up your alley, check out the full article on our main site.

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