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Make sure your data is safe for World Backup Day!

It’s probably pretty safe to say that we here at OWC are pretty enthusiastic about backing up. Nothing can wreak more havoc on your stress levels than discovering that your irreplaceable data has disappeared forever due to a hardware or software failure. While the adage “There are two kinds of people with hard drives: those who have had a failure and those who will,” still rings true, the trick is to be prepared and that’s something we’ve promoted heavily over the years.

That’s why we were surprised when we heard about World Backup Day; we’re not above celebrating somewhat off-beat “holidays” here at OWC, but this event promoting something we wholeheartedly believe in somehow escaped our attention.

Well, we are no longer remiss observing this movement, and we’re not the only ones. The folks over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) are holding a contest today, March 31, in observance of World Backup Day and we’re helping out by furnishing a couple of NewerTech StoraDrive cases, a couple of Voyager S3 drive docks and a 1.0TB Mercury Elite-AL Pro Storage Solution as prizes. After all, if you’re going to back up, you better have the gear needed for such a purpose.

So head on over to TUAW and enter the contest…that link and the first giveaway is scheduled to go live between 11:00-11:30AM ET. We hope you win. But even if you don’t, though, you can’t lose by celebrating World Backup Day – today and every day!

OWC Chris S.
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  • There is a 3rd kind, people that replace their HD before they fail. Check your SMART parameters often.