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Rocket Yard Guide: How to Revert from iOS 10 Back to iOS 9

While we’ve been primarily focused on how to install the macOS Sierra public beta and how to make an install USB drive for macOS Sierra, we’re sure that some Rocket Yard readers have also installed the iOS 10 beta on...

Quick Tip: Enabling Wi-Fi Calling in Newly Released iOS 9.3

As expected, Apple released iOS 9.3 at Monday’s spring event. With it came the usual minor bug fixes and security updates, as well as a new feature called Night Shift. (Related: How to set up the Night Shift feature in...

iOS 9.3 Night Shift Sunrise/Sunset

Quick Tip: Setting Up the Night Shift Feature In iOS 9.3

Image by Mr. Brendel via Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-3.0 During yesterday's "Let Us Loop You In" Apple event, you may have heard about Night Shift, a new feature in iOS 9.3. No, they weren't referring to the 1982 comedy with Henry Winkler...

Quick Tip: Add the iCloud Drive App to Your iOS 9 Home Screen

Typically Apple’s default apps automatically appear on your iOS device’s front page. Frustratingly, these apps such as Stocks, iBooks, Game Center and Health to name a few cannot be deleted (although rumors indicate that could change in future iOS iterations)....

Friday Five: iOS 9 Tips to Make You More Efficient

It’s the end of the week, but that doesn’t mean an end to learning more about your favorite Apple devices. Each week, the Friday Five takes a quick look at a Mac OS X or iOS app to point out five things you...

Apple Sued Over Its New iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist Feature

Last month, we wrote about the new Wi-Fi Assist feature that is enabled by default in iOS 9. And although we advised data-conscious Rocket Yard readers to turn off the feature, some users were unaware of the feature. And now...

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