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Quick Tip: How to Reset Your Home Screen Layout in iOS 9

It happens to all of us at some point; you've added so many apps and folders to your iOS home screens that you can't figure out where anything is anymore. Sure, you could use a Spotlight search to find that...

Quick iOS 9 Tip: Save Data By Turning Off Wi-Fi Assist

Now that we’ve spent some quality time with Apple’s latest mobile OS and have become acquainted with some of the best features, we’ve noticed one feature that might not win over even the biggest iOS 9 fans. Buried at the bottom...

iOS 9 logo

Friday Five: The Best ‘Hidden’ Features of iOS 9

Readers of The Rocket Yard are very intelligent aceople, so there’s a good chance that they’ve already made the move to iOS 9. It’s a fast update to install, and one that brings a lot of new features. Some of those...

iOS 9 Will Bring New Emojis for the Rest of Us

In just a few short months, iOS will be perfect. iOS 9.1 will be released and at that time, all of us will be in a perfect world with many new emojis. Seriously, I've always wanted to send a taco...

iOS 9 Beta App Review Block

Apple Shuts Off App Reviews for Those Running iOS 9 Beta

With the recent availability of iOS 9 beta 3 to the general public, developers ran into a problem. If an app had an issue due to the beta operating system that caused slow operation, crashes, or other problems, it started getting...

OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan, iOS 9 Compatibility Lists Mirror Predecessors

At last week’s WWDC keynote address, Apple announced the latest iteration of OS X with “El Capitan” and its latest mobile operating system with iOS 9. Their announcement will lead many to wonder whether their devices or Macs will support...

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