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App Review

OS X Application and iOS App Reviews by OWC

Mac app icons for Font Book, Voice Memos, Digital Color Meter, Grapher, Chess, Activity Monitor

Little Known Mac Apps: 6 Programs You Might Not Realize You Have

A few weeks ago I regaled you with a set of Little Known macOS System Preferences. Every Mac also comes with a variety of apps that many people don't know about, so today I'll shed some light on six of these little known Mac apps. Let's go! 1. Activity Monitor Some Macs don't have cooling fans, but for those that...

Windows and Ubuntu running in Paralles Desktop 16 on macOS

Parallels Desktop 16.5 Offers Native Virtualization for M1 Macs

As you may recall, I've offered several solutions for creating virtual machines on M1 Macs. UTM, for example, is a low-cost way to run Windows and Linux on Apple Silicon. Earlier this month, Parallels released Parallels Desktop 16.5, offering native...

Final Cut Pro X

10 Final Cut Features Every Pro Needs to Know

Ten years ago this week, on April 12, 2011, at the NAB Supermeet, Apple made an announcement that would literally send a shockwave throughout the film and video industry. Their popular non-linear editing (NLE) system, Final Cut Pro 7, was...

Camping Apps

2021 Camping Plans? Here Are Eight Must-Have Apps

The pandemic put a damper on a lot of vacation plans. For me and my wife, it was an opportunity to put a halt to expensive foreign travel and see more of our country. We bought a small travel trailer...

Photo album iphone scan

Scanning Photos on the iPhone and iPad

Last week, I showed you how to scan documents using the Files app on iPhone and iPad. One reader asked about how to scan photos using the Apple mobile devices, and that's the topic of today's article. Why Scan Photos?...

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