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How to Discharge Static Electricity for Safe Computer Upgrading

Related article: What You Need to Set Up Your Own DIY Upgrade Lab So often we are asked in reference to our OWC Instructional Series of Videos, "How exactly am I supposed to 'Use proper anti-static precautions when performing this upgrade'?"...

What good is the MacBook Pro SD card slot anyway?

While there has been quite a debate over Apple's decision to provide an SD card slot rather than an ExpressCard slot on the MacBook Pro 13" and 15" models, the fact of the matter remains that these machines are available...

Stop the Flash before it starts!

Don’t tell some of the designers around here, but I really hate Flash content embedded into Web pages.  Sure, its great when you’re watching YouTube videos or listening to streaming music on sites like Pandora Radio. When you get to...

Running out of drive space in your 17″ MacBook Pro?

There are very few certainties in life. Death and taxes are, of course, the most popular, but right up there is the fact that - barring mechanical failure - your hard drive is going to fill up. With all the...

A Year With NewerTech Guardian Maximus and RAID

Product reviews are often useful, but lacking are reviews over time. It's nice to see that Eric Brodeur wrote a blog, Guardian Maximus 13-month redux, about his year-plus experience with a NewerTech Guardian Maximus (G-Max). While this accolade winning data...

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