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OWC Videos are Everywhere!

Things have been exciting here on the OWC video front. Not only do we have a bunch of videos that we’ve produced internally, but we also have some now rolling in from CES a couple weeks ago. Let’s start with...

27″ iMac i5 Unboxing

We just got our first 2.66GHz Quad-Core 27" iMac i5 machine within the last hour and I really wanted to share our excitement with you.  So we took photos of our unboxing of this unit. The box itself is sturdy...

Tech Toolbox: Onyx

Every now and then, you may find that your startup seems slower than normal or that some things are just not working the way they used to. When that happens, it is usually best to be proactive, rather than putting...

How to Discharge Static Electricity for Safe Computer Upgrading

Related article: What You Need to Set Up Your Own DIY Upgrade Lab So often we are asked in reference to our OWC Instructional Series of Videos, "How exactly am I supposed to 'Use proper anti-static precautions when performing this upgrade'?"...

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